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Meet HPs New Suite of Business Printers

HPsNewBusinessPrintersFor business owners looking to upgrade their printer fleet and realize office productivity benefits as well as greater energy efficiency, faster speeds and advanced security and management features, look no further than HPs new suite of business printing solutions. Last year they unveiled more than 15 new PageWide, OfficeJet Pro and LaserJet printers catering to businesses both large and small.  Here are just a few of their new innovative printing solutions:

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Best Practices for Printer Security

Printer Security Best PracticesWith the influx of new technologies and their corresponding security concerns, it is easy to overlook printers as a potential source of data breaches. However, networked printers can be a gateway into a businesses’ entire system and extensive data and intellectual property can be at risk if measures are not taken to keep things secure. Safeguard confidential material from unauthorized access by using these best practices for printer security:

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5 Printing Hacks to Save Money & The Environment

Printer Hacks To Save Money EnvironmentWhile printing hard copies or documents is essential for many businesses and their processes, the uncontrolled use of printers and copiers can result in significant blows to budgets and also the environment. Taking control of printing practices doesn’t mean vetoing printing altogether but rather printing responsibly and putting processes in place that help minimize waste. Here are 5 printing hacks that will help your office be more green without spending more green:

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Print Videos. Seriously. Meet LifePrint.


How do you print a video? It sounds like something straight out of The Jetsons, right? For those who can’t identify with the reference - The Jetsons were a cartoon family living in space, in a futuristic utopia where robots ruled, holograms appeared and all kinds of whimsical inventions worked seamlessly.

But back to 2017. LifePrint is a revolutionary new app and printer combo that instantly prints photos directly from your iPhone, Android or GoPro. LifePrint gives your photos an augmented reality treatment such that when you view the physical photo in the LifePrint app’s augmented reality viewfinder, your photograph comes to life – complete with sound. No lie. Check this out:

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3 Reasons for a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction PrinterMultifunction printers do it all. Whether you want to scan, copy, fax or print – they handle all jobs via one device. Rather than having stand alone machines for each task, an all-in-one printer allows you to maximize space, cut operating costs and increase workplace efficiencies.

If you are currently in the market for a new printer or copier, consider that it may be wise to upgrade to a new ink jet or laser multifunction printer and dispose of your old machinery altogether. Not only do newer multifunction models feature added benefits like duplex printing and wireless functionality, here are 3 additional reasons to get a multifunction printer ASAP:

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5 Simple Office Printing Etiquette Tips

Office Printer EtiquetteAs with all social etiquette, printing at the office is no different. There is a way to be considerate and mindful when using the office printer and that includes not leaving a paper jam behind for someone else to clean up. Oddly, people do such rude things but you don’t have to be the inconsiderate sort. Keep your co-workers happy and good karma flowing your way with these simple office printing etiquette tips:

Don’t Leave Someone High and Dry - Refuel the Printer

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