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RGB & CMYK - What's the Difference?

RGBvsCMYKSo you’ve gone to great pains in an effort to get your design just right, selecting the perfect shade of red whether it’s candy apple red, cherry red, scarlet, berry, or sangria. You’ve spelt check the doc, ensured everything is where it should be and is ready for the printer. Off it goes, you can’t wait. But! When your perfectly designed doc is printed and you look at your work, the color is off. Wth?

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How to Choose the Right Printer for Your Business

Right Printer for BusinessDespite the paperless revolution heavily underway, sometimes you still need a hard copy document. To get your doc off your computer and onto a piece of paper, you need a printer. But with the variety of printers available including inkjet, laser, and LED models that are also either multifunction or single function machines, making a choice about which printer is best for your business can seem overwhelming.

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The Benefits of Inventory Management

printer-supplies-inventory-mgmt-calgaryInstead of making ad hoc trips to Staples, Walmart or some other big box store when your office has run out of paper or printer ink, why not just get someone to take care of it for you? That’s the benefit of outsourcing your printer supply inventory management.

Not only is your office fully stocked regularly so that your workflow doesn’t get stunted by a lack of what you need, but it can also produce significant cost savings for your office.

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A New Take On Invisible Ink: Living Ink


In an effort to create and develop a sustainable algae ink to replace regular printer ink, two brilliant scientists came across something super cool. After studying and researching algae for the past 10 years, they discovered that it can be used as a kind of “living ink” that uses sunlight and CO2 to reveal itself.

It’s kind of like that science project you did when you were a kid where you mixed lemon juice with water, let your message dry and then revealed it under light...but this is WAY better.

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How to Replace Printer Ink Cartridges

replace-printer-ink-cartridgesYou’re printer is out of juice and is spitting out docs with half finished sentences. What do you do? Replace your ink cartridges of course. But, when you’ve got a new printer and you haven’t a clue as to how to replace the ink cartridges, well then things get tricky. Granted, the process for replacing ink cartridges will vary depending on your printer’s model and manufacture but here are some general guidelines to help get you started. 

Identify the Make and Model of your Printer

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Print Free Mother’s Day Cards


Although we think everyday should be an occasion to celebrate the wonderful women who have helped raised us, Mother’s Day 2016 is just around the corner. If you’ve forgotten, Sunday May 8th is the date this year to honor our mums and say thank you for all that they've done throughout our lives.

Why not print off a card at home and personalize the message or add your own artistic flair and color or embellish it as you wish?

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