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5 Great Wireless Printers - 2016 Edition

CanonPixmaMG5720Plugging your PC into your printer is so old school. We joke. But it should be noted that wireless printers are increasingly on the rise because of the flexibility they give you to print wherever you want, print from your mobile devices and don’t require you to have cables lying about. Though wireless printing has existed for over a decade, only recently have these Wi-Fi enabled machines emerged as a go-to for homes and small offices.

Many print manufactures and third party developers have also created apps that offer mobile printing support, allowing you to print from iOS, Android and other devices as well as supporting print jobs from cloud-based services.

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Printer Error Codes Explained

printer-error-codesWhen your printer experiences some kind of disruption, it will often indicate that something is awry by displaying an error code on the LCD panel. Fancier printer models with larger displays may give a clear indication of what is going wrong, for example telling you outright that the “Paper Tray is Empty”. However older printer models with smaller display screens may only spit back a numeric error code for example “Error 20”.  Well, what does that mean?

While your printer’s manual is the best resource for figuring out what the error code number signifies, the following list provides some of the most common printer error codes and solutions to said problems.

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The Value of Managed Print Services

managed-print-services-calgaryPrinting is an indispensible part of the office environment. As green as we’ve become we still rely on hard copy documents time and again, and expect our office copiers and printers to work efficiently.  

With organizations operating multiple printing devices including copiers, multifunction printers, scanners, fax machines and digital presses, maintaining all of these machines and their costs can be overwhelming.

Do you even know how much you spend on printing? Do you know how many copiers, printers and fax machines are in the office?

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Printer Buying Tip: Consider Ink &Toner Costs

printer-buying-tip-cost-of-ink-tonerThe money you pay for a printer upfront is just the beginning. Despite the steal of a deal you may think you’re getting, you’ll want to consider the cost of maintaining the printer, i.e. the replacement costs of ink cartridges and/or toner supplies. Many printer manufacturers will offer cheap printer models that actually make their profit from the high running costs you’ll pay in ink and toner.

By doing a little research, you’ll be able to determine if the cost of replacement cartridges end up outweighing the initial cost of the printer.

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Free Valentine’s Day Printables


Look no further than your handy at home printer during this loving season to help you get Valentine’s Day ready.

From cards to crafts, games, gift tags and little notes that spread the love, the internet is ablaze with free templates that you can print from home to hand out on Feb. 14th. So long as your printer is stocked with paper and color ink you should be good to go. We’ve consolidated a list of Valentine’s Day printables, all of which are free. 

You simply have to print, personalize and cut accordingly.

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How To Fix Paper Path Problems

printer-paper-path-problems-calgaryPaper jams are insanely irritating. When you’re printer sends back an error message stating that something has gone awry mid print job and spits back a crumbled mess of a sheet of paper instead of a pristine print out, wanting to throw the printer across the room seems like an apt response. But settle down for a second because there are ways to troubleshoot printer jams and printer path problems. With a little patience you can figure out what’s going on and correct your printer problems without having to be overly tech savvy.

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