29 April 2015

7 Tips to Save Ink and Prolong the Life of Your Ink Cartridge

Most or all companies print every day, but few have any idea what really happens with all that paper they’re using. Here’s some interesting (and possibly shocking) statistics on office printing:

1. The average worker prints 34 pages a day; 17 percent of these pages go completely unused

2. Full-time employees, on average, may spend 20+ minutes looking for a document

3. Sixty five percent of documents get thrown away or recycled the same day they are printed

4. Every $1 spent on printing may cost another another $9 to manage over the lifecycle of that document

5. Five percent of all documents get lost in the office and three percent of all documents get misfiled

6. Nine out of 10 North American companies have no idea what their annual printing costs are

7. Printing may cost up to three percent of annual revenue and be the third highest expense after payroll and rent

8. Three out of four businesses surveyed experienced serious business risk and/or compliance issues as a direct result of broken document processes

9. Companies may underestimate printing costs by as much as 40 percent

10. Twenty three percent of help desk calls are printer-related and take up 15 percent of the help desk’s time