Tuesday, 15 May 2018 16:03

3 benefits of leasing your printers

There are many benefits to leasing your printers. Here are our top 3 benefits of leasing your printers and copiers:

  1. Avoid obsolescence: Leasing business equipment is a great way to avoid owning outdated equipment —- an issue for some companies. If your business only needs basic printers and copiers, obsolescence isn’t as much a concern as for the type of company that relies on high-tech, highly specialized equipment.
  2. Keep upfront costs low: By leasing, your business can obtain printers with minimal upfront costs, preserving credit. This is a concern for small businesses who have less access to credit and want to avoid using it up to lease equipment.
  3. No hassle: Leasing printers or copiers means there’s no resale or disposal to worry about. It’s also convenient because most equipment comes with a maintenance plan included in the lease or paid for separately.

Leasing Drawbacks

  1. More expensive: When a lease terminates, most businesses will have actually paid more than the value of the leased copier. Even in a rent to own situation with a capital lease, the lessee typically ends up paying more than fair market value for the equipment. Maintenance plans also increase the cost — and when the plan is included in the lease, interest is charged on the the maintenance plan as well as the copier.
  2. Locked into a contract: This can be a negative for small businesses and especially for start-ups. As their printing requirements change, the initial printer may no longer be adequate. On the other hand, business owners can also over-estimate their printing needs and be locked into an expensive lease for equipment that is not needed.

Printerworks’ volume with leading copier and printer manufacturers allows us to offer exceptional pricing. Our local warehouse and knowledgable staff provide prompt and professional service.

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