Wednesday, 15 March 2017

3 Reasons for a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers do it all. Whether you want to scan, copy, fax or print – they handle all jobs via one device. Rather than having stand alone machines for each task, an all-in-one printer allows you to maximize space, cut operating costs and increase workplace efficiencies.

If you are currently in the market for a new printer or copier, consider that it may be wise to upgrade to a new ink jet or laser multifunction printer and dispose of your old machinery altogether. Not only do newer multifunction models feature added benefits like duplex printing and wireless functionality, here are 3 additional reasons to get a multifunction printer ASAP:

Maximize Office Space

Save precious office space or home office workspace by consolidating all your devices into one multifunction printer. Rather than having multiple devices that can only tackle single tasks cluttering your desktop or an area in your office work space, a multifunction printer does all these tasks in one and affords you the extra square footage for anything else you want to put there. A plant maybe?

Cut Operational Costs

A high quality all-in-one device will be more cost effective than buying three different machines which only print, only copy and only scan. Not only will the initial costs of buying an all-in-one machine be more cost efficient than buying three separate devices, also consider the energy savings costs of having one machine plugged in rather than 3 or 4 operating around the clock. The long-term savings are another reason to go for an all-in-one device.

Increase Efficiency

This multifunction printer features fax functionality as well as an automatic document feeder. It has excellent color print resolution, outputting high-quality photos especially when specialty photo paper is used. It prints, scans, copies and faxes. The only downside is that it has slower print speeds – making it better suited for a home office or small business office. At its price point though, it’s a great option for those looking for an all-in-one machine for their home.

For those who have a home office, rather than finding your devices, plugging them in and waiting for them to boot – because god knows that despite how many extension cords you may use, there’s still never enough plugs – imagine the time you’d save by having one device that does it all and is always on standby when you need it.

The case for getting a multifunction printer is a hard one to argue against. With today’s all-in-one printer models offering faster page per minute speeds, higher quality outputs, additional options like duplexing (double sided printing) and wireless printing options, why wouldn’t you save on space, cut down on costs and boost your productivity?