Tuesday, 01 September 2015

3 Reasons to Buy Your Ink Cartridges Online

Printers are one of those things that you have to feed, preferably with ink. I have yet to try stuffing a sandwich into my printer but I don't imagine that if I did, my next print job would come out perfect.

That said, when shopping for your ink cartridges you have the option of going into a store or going online. Here are 3 reasons that may sway you to purchase your ink refills online:

1. Price

The overhead costs of running a retail store can definitely affect the price of ink cartridges sold under its roof. Retailers have to consider operational costs when pricing their goods – they've got to pay for electricity, rent and employee wages – which in turn means that they have to price their ink cartridges a bit higher.

2. Availabilitys

Nothing is worse than making a trip down to a store with the intention of a buying particular item only to find out that it's not in stock. Shopping online allows you to see if an item is on backorder so you don't have to drive down to a store to find out it's not there. In addition, most online retailers display the availability of items upfront.

3. Hassle-free Shopping

You get right to your door service. You don't even need to leave your home to order the specific ink cartridge that you need. You simply click buy now and you're good to go.