Thursday, 08 January 2015 

4 Best Printers To Manage Your Printing Jobs At Home

You have finally decided to get yourself a printer to use at home. Seems like an easy enough task, so how exactly do you figure out the best printer for your home printing needs?

You have to categorize your needs according to purpose, the intended use as well as the technology. Based on purpose you can find general-purpose printers meant for tasks such as photo printing as well as printing text. You can also find special purpose printer in the form of dedicated, label as well as portable printers. In terms of technology, you can find either laser or inkjet printers, generally laser printers tend to print text better, where as an inkjet printer processes very good quality photos.

In order to pick the right printer for your needs based on the technology you need to know if you plan to be using it most of the time for printing photos or text documents. The minute you have clearly understood what it is that you clearly need, we have reviewed some of the best kind of printers that you can use exclusively at home, whether you are just printing word documents, printing in color or just using it for printing photos.

1. The Epson WF-3540

The Epson WF-3540 is a multifunction printer that has scanning, faxing as well as copier abilities and boasts of a speed of fifteen pages per minute when you are printing in black and nine pages minute when printing in color. Additionally, it can print and scan to US devices as well as memory cards that have been plugged into its ports.

Configuring it to a network enables you to scan your documents directly to your personal computer using the Epson WF3540. Also, it has features that enable you to print over networks as well as smartphones along with tablet given that it has Google Cloud Print as well as air print compatible features. Think is an inkjet printer and you will need to fill it up with ink consistently. All in all this is a printer that can effectively handle your document management requirements at home.

2. HP Office Jet Pro 8600s

The HP Office Jet Pro has successfully replaced the HP Office Jet 8610 and has grown to be a popular machine with most people with printing needs. It displays printing, faxing, and copier as well as WIFI capabilities. Although you will need to foot ink costs, its features are really worth it bearing in mind that it can effectively print in color. It also features an ability to print from SD cards alongside USB devices and other network devices. This WIFI printer can print a maximum of eighteen pages per minute when printing black and a maximum of thirteen pages when printing in color. You also have the option of downloading mini applications to the HP office Jet Pro 8600 since it features Web OS on color.

4. Epson Workforce WF-2540

This type of printer is fast, cheap, and compact and boasts of WIFI as well as Ethernet capabilities. Although it is relatively small, it is an all in one printer that can print, fax, scan and copy documents. In addition, it has the capabilities of copying from both USB as well as micro SD cards. Moreover, it can also print from USB capable devices as well as network devices. However, it t not the fastest of printers and only prints around nine pages per minute when printing in black and a maximum of seven pages per minute when color printing.

It has a large LCD control screen that you can use to make some setting changes to your photos before finally printing them. Lastly, it is also wireless, meaning you can print through the Google Cloud Print, Epson printing apps along with the Apple air printing. You can read more about the capabilities of this printer using search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. Its wireless printing capabilities most especially save you the hassle of having to transfer your photos as well as documents from your phone or other USB devices to your computer first when you want to print.