Thursday, 10 October 2013

4 Tips On How To Preserve Your Digital Photos

Digital cameras have allowed people to take as much photos as they want without spending anything on films and photo developing services. Digital cameras along with their respective memory cards could store thousands of photos. Any person who wants a hard copy of his photos could simply plug his camera to the computer and have the photos printed through a printer. There are also printers which are capable of accessing and printing the photos directly from the digital camera.

Nevertheless, the problem with printed digital photos is that they fade a lot easier than the ones developed from film. So if you have printed some photos through a printer, expect that it would fade off and lose its colors very soon. But here are some tips that could help you preserve your photos:

Avoid touching your photos

In order to preserve your photos, you have to avoid touching them. The human finger contains some acids which could really damage the appearance of your photographs. That is why it is suitable for you to print your photos with white margins so that your fingers would have something to hold on to. To prevent your photos from getting touched, enclose them in frames or preserve them in a photo album

Store them properly

Where you store your photographs is important. You have to store them at a location where they would not be affected by humidity and temperature. Storing your photos in boxes or chests which have the right humidity and temperature is practical. Of course, if you have a lot of photos to store and chests are not enough, consider storing them in a room with a dehumidifier and air conditioner. Avoid storing your photographs where they could get wet or get direct sunlight.

Create backups for your photos

No matter what you do to preserve your photos, it is inevitable for them to fade. That is why it is practical to create backups for your photos, especially the ones that you cherish the most. USB drivers, external hard drivers, CD’s, and other storage devices are perfect for storing your digital photos. So whenever the ones that you have printed have faded, you could always reprint again.

Use the right printer

Printers basically come in two types – inkjet and laser. Between the two, the inkjet is a lot better when it comes to printing photos. Take note that even the most affordable inkjets produces better images than other laser printers. Laser printers are not bad at printing photos. However, they are better at printing texts. Printers also come from various brands. So make sure you choose a good brand properly. You might want to conduct research and compare various brands.

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