Thursday, 01 June 2017

5 Benefits of Direct Mail for B2B Marketing

You’ve probably heard that print as an effective marketing tool is dead. We beg to differ. If anything, in the age of emails, social media and constant interactive marketing, it’s nice to pick up a print document and peruse its offerings without the distraction of pop-ups and pings.

Direct mail campaigns don’t have to make it through spam filters or compete against multiple messages within email inboxes. They still maintain a critical part of the marketing mix, particularly with respect to B2B marketing and for B2C marketing also. A great ad sticks – whether in print or in digital format. Here are more reasons why direct mail campaigns are still effective and should be a part of your marketing strategy:

Direct Mail Doesn’t Require Recipients to Opt-In

Unlike email newsletters or text messaging campaigns, you don’t need to get a recipient’s permission to send direct mail. Thus, if a customer decides to unsubscribe from your email list, you can still reach out to them and showcase your offerings with direct mail. This is why it is important to make sure you get the physical addresses of those that are on your mailing lists also.

Mail Doesn’t Get Blocked by Spam Filters

While you can be sure that there’s someone in the office who screens the mail that comes in, this isn’t the same as automated spam filters. If what you’re printing and sending out is eye-catching and provides relevant information, it won’t be as easily moved to ‘trash’ as an email that’s auto-filtered to spam. Especially given that security is a major issue with viruses and malware getting through via emails, it’s important to reach your customers in a way that doesn’t make them feel threatened. Direct mail is exactly what it is without anything hiding or lurking behind it.

Direct Mail Reaches the People Who Matter

Even if the person whom you are sending the direct mail to has up and left their role at the company, the postcard or print document you send will still reach the appropriate department or team lead. Instead of you getting an email that bounces back, the new person in that role will get the introduction produced by your print document and meet a new vendor – i.e. you and your business.

Direct Mail Drives Traffic to Your Online Marketing

To get people to your website, they need to have heard of you first and what better way to pique their interest and gain brand awareness but through a direct mail campaign. There is a difference between online marketing and mail-outs insofar as the online world is saturated in messages left and right, whereas print campaigns are becoming far less frequent. In this respect, getting the word out about your services through print is becoming rarer and as such, more relevant for standing out among your competitors.

Direct Mail Doesn’t Have the Same Competition as Email

As just stated, print documents are different than email because they are not as common. Think about the difference between receiving a handwritten thank you note as opposed to a pre-fab “thank you” ecard. One carries a much more personalized tone. The same goes for marketing campaigns that try and get through via your email inbox – they all seem kind of the same.

Email inboxes are littered with numerous messages indicating recipients of sales, new products, or news – all of which gets overwhelming and overlooked as a result. When you receive an attractive piece of mail that is informative and timely, you are more likely to read it and see exactly what it is offering. Rather than just clicking the select all to delete.

So, before you decide that printed mail outs and direct mail campaigns are a thing of the past – do reconsider. Direct mail campaigns still have their place and relevance in this day and age of digital overload. Get in touch with a reputable designer and create your next best print marketing campaign to stand out from the crowd and set your business apart from the rest. Good luck and happy printing.