Friday, 23 January 2015

6 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Used Or Damaged Cartridges

Not so many people know this but used printer cartridges are among the top 10 most environmentally damaging things that people often throw away. Take time to imagine where the printer cartridge you are about to throw in the trash will go. There is a high likelihood that the printer cartridge will spend 500 to 1000 years in the open ocean or in a landfill. It does not end there.

The toner or ink stored in the cartridge will leach into the water or soil and poison the environment for centuries. This doesn’t have to happen. You can save the environment now for the future generations by simply disposing that used cartridge in a safe, eco friendly way. Recycling, reusing and donating the cartridges are the most ideal options you can consider. But there are other viable alternatives beyond recycling, reusing and donating. Read on to find out more about the alternatives.

Mail the cartridges back to the manufacturer

This is the best way to dispose used cartridges. Unfortunately, most cartridge manufacturers record just a handful of used cartridges shipped to them. It gets worse with the fact that shipping the cartridges is not costly at all. That is because nearly all cartridge manufacturers usually include special envelopes inside cartridge packages for use when the cartridge wears off or gets damaged. All one needs to do is keep the special envelope safely until the cartridge’s life has expired. This may sound tedious but keep in mind that most companies with these plans offer rebates that range from 5% to 10% off your next purchase. Keep in mind too that others will offer to foot postage costs. You simply have nothing to lose with this option.

Donate the used cartridge

There are so many non profit and charity organizations that accept donations for damaged or used ink cartridges. Finding one should not be a problem, given that the interest is awash with their websites and blogs. The groups work closely with manufacturers to receive cash rewards and financial support for their causes in exchange for the used cartridges.

Sell for cash

This should excite you! There are quite a number of organizations both online and offline that accept used ink cartridges for cash. Many of these organizations are always geared toward establishments that often use high volumes of ink toner cartridges. That explains why they hardly expect single cartridges. They accept a minimum number of used or damaged cartridges. Your best bet is therefore to save up on your used and damaged cartridges. All you need is box in your basement. You can then cash in on the cartridges once you reach the minimum required of the organization you wish to sell the cartridge to.

Supply stores

This happens to be one easy and hassle free way of getting rid of used and damaged cartridges. Most leading office supply stores accept used and damaged cartridges. Some actually put advertisements asking the public for the used cartridges and other printer parts that can be hazardous to the environment once disposed inappropriately. You do not have to make calls to find out office supply stores that can accept your used cartridges. Simply look for the recycle bin outside their doors.

Set up cartridge recycle programs

This may sound hard but it isn’t. You only need to keep in touch with cartridge manufacturers. Remember that there are well established businesses out there that do the same thing as already hinted. Set up a plan and campaigns online and offline about your new program. Be sure to check with the local authorities what you need in terms of paper work to operate the business. Alternatively, you can set up a campaign for charity. That is, you accept used and damaged cartridges, sell them to other companies that accept them for cash and donate the money to charity. Remember to liaise with cartridge manufacturers who can accept the used and damaged cartridges at your disposal for safe dumping.

Glass and plastic recycling companies

Glass and recycling companies can come to your rescue and help you put your used cartridges to good use. You may have to call the companies since most of them hardly ask for cartridges. Note that some companies may go an extra mile to offer you cash for the used cartridge. Others may not. Either way, you can give out the cartridge and rest with the peace of mind that you have not contributed to environmental degradation by disposing your used cartridges inappropriately.

Extra tips

Cartridges are never designed to fail you. They should last for long and offer you value for money. You must however do your part. Use the cartridge as you should and start off by reading the user manual before fixing the cartridge into your printer. Then ensure you buy genuine cartridges from genuine suppliers.