Thursday, 08 January 2015

7 Annoying Printer Problems And Their Quick Fixes

All-in-one printer, otherwise known as multifunction printers have grown to be popular choices for most people with small businesses who have limited working space and at the same time maximize their technology usage. The wide range of models available can leave one confused when out in search for the perfect multipurpose printer. There is a lot more to think about besides just speed. You must also think about resolution, printing, scanning as well as copying capabilities if at all you are to benefit from these types of printers. Nonetheless, when you have already bought your printer and are using it, several problems may arise that can leave you frustrated. With our tips, you will be able to detect the problems that are rather common and how best to solve them.

Stubborn printers

This term is used to refer to those printers that refuse to print. If you encounter such a problem with your printer, it is recommended that you check to determine whether the printer is still connected to a wireless connection or Ethernet or its WIFI is still enabled. Another potential reason why the printer is not printing is probably because its driver or software has been corrupted and hence you have to reinstall the whole printer again for it to start working. However, this still does not bring the device to start working again, then you should go to the manufacturers’ download page and look out for the newer versions and look for tips and advices from the trouble shooting section. In addition, it is a good idea to contact the customer care team of the manufacturer for assistance where possible.

Ink problems

There are certain cases where you printer alleges that there is a need or ink to be replaced and yet after you have replaced you still see the ink warning. You must realize that at times there is no need to rush into quick replacement. Sometimes the warning is usually inaccurate and the only way which you can know ink has to be replaced is by continuing to print even after seeing the said warning until you notice that the quality of the output has started going down.

You cannot print with your mobile device

The printer especially if it has wireless capabilities should not under any circumstances give you problems when you are printing from your iPad, or smartphone or any other mobile device even if it is old. However, if you notice that the printer problems continue then it is advisable to ensure that you have a working connection with your printer as well as the printer app that you are using.

There should be no problem if you are printing via your old phone or tablet. However, in cases where such gives you more headache than convenience, on the other hand, if printer problems persist, you have to make sure that your connection is good with the printer as well as with the application you are using. You can be able to print effectively from a mobile device to a printer that is non Wi-Fi provided the network that you are using can access a wireless point using programs that enable utility access for networked computers.

Slow printing jobs through Wi-Fi connections

Setting up the printer next to a router is perceived as the best remedy for this problem as you get to increase the signal levels it receives hence reducing the amount of time, it uses to complete a particular task. You should also see to it that your router is a reliable one and can adequately support 802.11n and has an equally adequate band of 5GHz. Also for increased performance, you may also want to incorporate a wireless extender.

Lousy output

The problem could be due to incorrect configurations. Ensure that your paper coordinates the settings indicated on the machine. There are instances where you might probably have been using the draft mode and forgot to convert it back to the regular settings. In addition, you might need to check cartridge and shake them so that the ink becomes even.

Low quality images

The best way to solve this problem is probably to use the most appropriate paper. Use recommended photo papers if you are to get the bet inkjet images. Another step to addressing low quality images is probably checking your printer settings. Ensure that you also have the right levels of ink in your attempts to address quality.

Irritating paper jams

Irritating paper jams may be due to lack of proper alignment of papers in the tray. To solve this problem you may have that the stack is arranged correctly before commencing on the job. In addition, if the problem persists, it is advisable to refer to the manufacturer's manual for expert advice on how to troubleshoot the problem.