Thursday, 13 March 2014

Do You Think You Know All Facts About Printing?

Printers are used by millions of people worldwide and they have been with us for quite some time now. Obviously, they have their own little stories and some of them worth to be mentioned. If you are curious about printers and printing in general then this article will be a good read for you.

1. Printing appeared in China first. Yes, the Chinese are the ones who developed a rudimentary method of printing. It is believed that printing is one of the greatest inventions of China.

2. The Maryland Gazette is almost 300 years old. And it is the oldest newspaper which has been printed constantly in the U.S.

3. Johann Gutenburg is the father of modern printing. He mastered the printing technology in 1440 and he developed printers which had movable elements.

4. You print almost 10.000 pages every year. If you work in an office building then this is how much you print on average every year. Also, you are very likely to waste about 1.500 pages in the same timeframe and this will eventually add up to about $90 in printing paper only.

5. The tiniest book in the world is smaller than one of your hand nails. And you might not be able to read it without any optical aids. This book has entered in the Guinness World Book of Records. It is less than 1 cm in length and width, it is a Japanese book and it has only 22 pages.

6. Color printers work with the speed of light these days. If you want to print about 500 pages in color then you might want to buy a top quality, modern printer and get this job done in just above 7 minutes.

7. Black printer ink is terribly expensive. You might not believe this but a gallon of black ink can cost up to $3.000. If you want to fill up your car's fuel tank with it then the price can easily get up to $100,000. Thinking about filling up your pool with the same ink? You need almost $6 billion!

8. 3 tons of wood are necessary to create 1 ton of copy paper. And that’s why you and everyone else should seriously think of planting one or more trees as soon as possible.

9. 1 ton of paper worth 100 tons of resources. That’s how many resources you need in order to create 1 ton of paper or 400 reams or about 200,000 sheets. Also, during this process, almost 11,000 kWh of energy is used and this is how much your house consumes in 10 months, not to mention that about 20,000 gallons of waste water is produced as well.

10. Back in the days, soot was a great black printing ink. And it was widely used by those who made books by hand. Also, medieval scribes found out that water based inks are not very efficient, so they had to invent oil-based ones instead.

Printers and printing is very much linked to our modern and rapid lifestyle and without them, this world wouldn’t be that fun and enjoyable. If you don’t have a printer yet then please contact us today and we will offer you one which matches your preferences, printing needs and of course, budget.