Tuesday, 07 October 2014

All-In-One Printers: Here Are 2014's Best Selections!

All-in-one printers, also known as AIOs, are the most up to date desktop printers at your service. These printers, as their name suggests, go beyond just mere printing of documents and images. They have the most recent technology in them which have combined a printer, a scanner, a fax machine sealed to perfection with touch screen monitors and controls.

To add on, these AIOs also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, with connection to emails and also to internet, where print outs can be made directly from web pages!They can also identify files from memory cards and USB connections. Finally adding icing on the cake, they even have the ability to order for new inks or toners on their own when the cartridges are getting empty! Incredible isn’t it? These AIOs save lots on human hours and efforts, especially in busy places like offices and schools. A wide range of such AIOs are available in the market, however let’s look at the handpicked few we have here!

Epson WorkForce WF-3540

This is a small, flexible and popular choice from Epson. This AIO is packed with a full set of specifications and abilities which will save your time in your office! It has Wi-Fi, slots for your USB cables and memory cards, allows you to do duplex printing, and impresses you with a 2.5 inch touch screen panel of control which is quick and brisk! It allows you to do printing and scanning both sides of the paper, and has two paper trays to solve your issue of running out of paper!

Wait, it even has a paper feed at the back! Print photos beautifully with its borderless photograph printing function. Epson WorkForce WF-3540 is not just for the workforce because it prints excellent images with brilliant quality! Scanning quality is not compromised as well. The cost per page still stays within the limits of your wallet! Setting up and maintaining this printer is easy, with Wi-Fi access and simple control wizards to help you out. You don’t even need to connect a PC to your printer to do scanning and copying!

Canon Pixma MG3222

Not so keen on spending so much? Fear not! Here we have our budget AIO, Canon Pixma MG3222! Paying a lower price here definitely does not compromise any quality for you. And neither does it deprive you of top notch features like Wi-Fi connectivity or double sided printing! The savings incurred in buying this Canon Pixma MG3222 is because of a lower duty cycle. This means that the printer is able to print about a few thousands of copies per month rather than tens of thousands. This is useful for smaller companies or schools who run on less needs and requirements. This is a great entry level printer that everyone can get their hands on.

The setting up of this beautiful piece of printer is too easy for school, with the paper and ink easily installable from the front itself. Although there are no automatic paper feeder and memory card slots, for a smaller requirement and a smaller price, we can make do with these, can’t we? And don’t let that slightly pricey Canon’s ink cartridge tag scare you, because it is giving you great photos in turn! Why not pay a few more cents for good quality memories, right?

Brother MFC-J6920W

This AIO can copy, fax, scan and print large tabloid sized pages be it single or double sided! Hardly do we have AIOs being able to handle such large pieces of documents so elegantly. To add on this mighty capability of handling large papers, Brother also has two 250 sheet trays that can hold almost any paper size! It also has a feeder slot for single sheets and other heavy paper products like postcards.

This model of Brother is a very fast printer, going up to 35 pages per minute for monochrome and 27 pages per minute for coloured printing! Brother also uses high capacity ink cartridges which are very cost effective. Monochrome printing only costs 1.7 cents per page and color would be 5.7 cents per page, very affordable!

HP Officejet 150

This hardy printer with its detachable lithium-ion battery which is pumping up fuel anytime, any day for its function, can serve you at any hour you want to print. This comes in handy for firms like accounting houses who have to run day and night for audits during the season and churn out pages after pages of documents. This light printer, weighing roughly only about 3 kilograms, is sleek and portable and easy to move about due to its design. It connects easily to any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device, even our own smart phones, tablets or laptops! HP’s document print quality is always respected and we definitely love this model for being a portable printer!