Saturday, 01 December 2018

Are Managed Print Services for your Calgary business in your future?

It’s that time of year again — when business owners finalize things for the past year, looking at what went well and what could be changed. They often ask themselves how could we run the business better next year?

One of the biggest expenses your Calgary business may have is the cost of operating its printer fleet. All business owners want to reduce costs, so this could be an area where a review of what you’re doing could be helpful. Perhaps it’s time to consider Managed Print Services for your business?

What are Managed Print Services?

Print equipment providers including Printerworks West, in Calgary, Alberta, offer programs called Managed Print Services (MPS). This service controls and manages all your business printing devices — printers, scanners, copiers and faxes. By doing this, we optimize your business printing environment to save your Calgary business money, lessen paper waste and increase office efficiency and productivity.

Assess Your Printing Needs

The first thing we would do is assess your ongoing printing needs. Often IT departments will manage printer fleets, but is the best use of this expensive resource?

Printerworks West specializes in analyzing your business print environment and existing printer fleet, taking into account your business goals and budget. We have an extensive background in print fleet consolidation and management. As an MPS provider, we can help your business implement the right equipment and select the appropriate devices so your operating expenses can be reduced, and productivity is maximized.

Some additional ways MPS can help your business:

1. Lower the number of Local Printing Devices

As part of our Calgary-based printer equipment assessment process, Printerworks West will assess the need and use of current local printers in your office. Typically, local printers service only one user and this along with the extra expense of replacement cartridges, renders them inefficient and too costly for most business environments.

2. Streamline your Printer Placement

Printer placement is essential for effective workflow and maximum device usage. If users have to walk to another department or to another floor to retrieve prints materials, time is wasted. An MPS provider, like Printerworks West in Calgary, will assess where to place printers for optimal usage.

3. Printer Supply Delivery Automation

MPS providers remove the need for someone to manage printer supplies as they oversee device status and automate toner and ink replacement when needed. An added bonus is that printers are never down because they are out of ink or toner, and there’s no need for emergency supply ordering.

4. Replace Underperforming Devices

Equipment which underperforms impacts workflows and productivity. As an MPS provider, Printerworks West will assess your devices and identify when they should be replaced. As experts in the printing industry, we will suggest the best printing devices to meet your business needs and budget.

5. Ensure Cost Predictability

Printerworks West will help your Calgary based business establish and maintain your printer fleet, also provide troubleshooting support. Partnering with an established MPS provider, such as Printerworks West, can help your business increase its productivity while decreasing the overall ongoing costs of business operations.

If you would like to learn more about Managed Print Services in the Calgary area, please feel free to contact us.

We would like to wish you and yours a happy holiday season. Thank you for reading our blog!