October 3rd 2023

Boosting Cybersecurity with Managed Print Services

In today's interconnected world, modern printers are potential entry points for cyber threats. Collaborating with a managed print services (MPS) provider can be invaluable for addressing this concern. Managed print services encompass an agreement between a business and an MPS provider aimed at optimizing and overseeing the company's document output and print infrastructure, all while ensuring robust cybersecurity measures.

With individuals connecting to your network using multiple devices, safeguarding your various entry points is imperative. The threat to your printing system doesn't primarily stem from your employees; rather, it lies in the potential for competitors or hackers to pilfer your data or hold your entire system hostage.

Your printer essentially functions as another office computer, uniquely susceptible to cyberattacks due to its accessibility to numerous users and systems. However, when professionally monitored by managed print services, your printer's vulnerabilities can be effectively managed and mitigated to ensure comprehensive printer security.

Here's how managed print services can bolster your cybersecurity efforts:

Scalable Cybersecurity Solutions: 

While many modern printers come equipped with security features, an MPS provider ensures that your cybersecurity solutions can scale beyond individual devices. They guarantee that your printer seamlessly integrates into your ecosystem and remains under 24/7 monitoring.

Enhanced Access Control: 

Regardless of your printer's location—whether it's situated in an open workspace, secured behind physical locks, or operates from the cloud—MPS ensures you have comprehensive printing authentication, data encryption, and hard drive security.

Government Compliance: 

Printer security extends beyond internal considerations. An MPS provider ensures that your organization complies with the security requirements set by government agencies and any contractual obligations with external partners.

Tailored Industry Expertise: 

MPS providers can cater to industry-specific security needs. For example, businesses subject to regulations like HIPAA or defense contractors with stringent security requirements can benefit from specialized security measures provided by MPS.

In conclusion, when it comes to safeguarding your business's digital assets, printer security should not be overlooked. Managed print services offer a holistic approach to enhancing cybersecurity, ensuring that your printers remain a robust and secure component of your network infrastructure. So why take unnecessary risks? 

Partner with an MPS provider like PrinterWorks West to fortify your printer's defenses and protect your business from potential cyber threats. For more information and tailored security plans, reach out to PrinterWorks West, your trusted partner in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Contact us here


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