Monday, 01 August 2016

Choosing the Right MPS Provider

Managed Print Services (MPS) done right can do more than just save you money. The right provider will get to know your business, ask the right questions and apply applicable tools to understand your work environment and identify opportunities to save you both time and money.

As a business owner, you have enough decisions to make on a daily business. Deciding on who to contract your Managed Print Services to is yet another decision. But a decision that could effectively improve your office’s workflow and in turn productivity. The question is, how do you chose the right provider who will play a critical role in helping reduce costs and improve information flow?

Well, that’s what we’re going to answer for you today. As an established MPS provider with offices located in Calgary and Edmonton serving clients across Canada, we know a thing or two about selecting the right partner.

Here are 7 things you’ll want answered when selecting the right Managed Print Services provider:

Do they have the tools to analyze your office?

MPS is not a one size fits all solution. Your MPS partner should be able to size up your office’s print environment needs and to do so, they’ll need the proper analytical tools. They need to be able to tell you how much time and money you currently spend on printing, scanning and managing documents if they’re going to be helping improve the situation.

Do they have a proven track record?

Does the provider you are considering have a good track record? Can they provide a list of clients who have kind things to say about them?

Can they improve your document workflow?

In today’s office environment, we rely on both hard copy and digital documents. Depending on workflows, hard copy documents need to be digitized while digital documents may need to be printed. As such, you want to know that your potential managed print services provider can integrate both these processes such that information flows easily and efficiently throughout your office.

Can they integrate with your existing IT infrastructure?

Ask potential MPS partners if they can integrate with your current IT infrastructure? How much of your existing investment will it leverage in their own implementation? Will it facilitate mobile printing?

Can they grow with you as a company?

Future proof your investment in MPS from the get-go by asking your potential partners if they can meet your plans for the future and support your growth as a company. You want to know that they have the fleet and the expertise to let you easily change and upgrade equipment.

Can they provide sustainable printing solutions?

Sustainable printing isn’t just a matter of instilling a commitment to print two-sided in your office. Though, you should ask your MPS provider if they can supply machines with duplexing if that is what is needed at your office. You should also ask your MPS provider if they can suggest energy efficient devices and if they also have recycling and waste reduction as part of their services.

Can they provide metrics to show you?

You want to know that your investment is sound and the ROI is worth it in the end. To do this, you’ll want an MPS provider who can provide you with the analytics and reporting that tracks costs savings and shows performance so you can see the results. Be sure to ask potential MPS providers what analytics, reporting and/or client dashboards they provide.

Managed Print Services can save you time and money. When done right, this valuable service can help you manage documents more effectively, spend less, and make for a more efficient workflow throughout the office. By asking the aforementioned questions above, you can ensure that your MPS provider is qualified to take care of your business so you can focus on your core business.