Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Christmas Printing Ideas: Free Templates!

With the holiday season fast approaching it can get hectic between parties, planning, preparing, remembering who you need to get gifts for, finding the gifts, and the whole other laundry list of things that need to get done.

Our printers are the last thing we’re thinking of but, it’s this very household item that could help to ease some holiday stress by providing you with some things that you would otherwise have to pick up at the ever so busy stores/malls.

Whether you need gift tags, greeting cards, advent calendars, photos or artwork, your printer can do the job.

There are great Christmas themed templates out there that you can print from your very own home. By getting a little crafty you can save yourself a trip to the mall and print these items yourself.

Here’s three great sites that provide a whack of holiday printables:

50+ Printable Chrismas Templates from HGTV:  

Everything Etsy 101 Christmas Printables - Free: 

Pinterest Christmas Printables: