Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Copier Jam Prevention 101

Death and taxes are facts of life. So are copier jams. They’re going to happen, whether it’s equipment failure or the fault of the user. At some point, paper is going to get stuck in your copier.

Most of the time, a paper jam is easy to fix:

1. Find the blinking spot on the control panel

2. Open up the right area

3. Remove paper

Tips for prevention and clearing

Keep your equipment in good working order and avoid the hassle of trying to fix a bad jam or having to call a repair person.

1. Just like you would with your computer, keep food and drinks away from your copier.

2. Don't use torn or bent paper.

3. Before you add it into the paper tray, fan the paper and put it right side up —look for the arrow on your ream of paper.

4. Paper will start to absorb moisture over time and is more likely to jam so use it quickly.

5. Before adding documents to copy or scan to the feeder, ensure all paper clips, staples and Post-It notes have been removed.

6. Maintain it and keep it clean. A dirty copier is inefficient. Dirt can get on the rollers and cause “slippage,” which means the paper can't grip the paper to pull it through the machine to print, copy, or scan. Dirt on the ‘platen’ (the large piece of glass) can cause speckles on copies and even interfere with OCR if you scan documents.