Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Costs savings for your Edmonton business printer

In today’s economy, Edmonton business owners along with everyone else, are looking to reduce costs. It’s a time to be lean and streamlined. One way to reduce expenses is to look at your Ink and toner costs.

Ensure your ink and toner get to the right location

It’s important to keep your managed print service (MPS) provider updated on equipment location. If your ink and toner deliveries are going to the third floor, and your device has been moved to the second, you run the risk of having the delivery get misplaced or lost. Replacement cartridge costs will be coming directly out of your pocket.

Supply Automation

If you have supply automation set up at your Edmonton business, updating your MPS provider is even more critical. Software constantly monitors toner levels and reports back to the provider. When your Edmonton office device gets to a specified toner level or reaches a certain number of days before depletion, replacement toner is automatically shipped. If the device location hasn’t been updated, the toner cartridges are shipped to the location on file and again, may end up in limbo.

Create an internal plan

Have a strategy in place for toner routing and seamless delivery:

  •  Should toner be delivered to one location and then sent out internally from there?
  •  Is there a supply closet for each department to store toner?
  •  Will your MPS partner do just-in-time deliveries to devices in need — if there are no storage closets or internal delivery?

It’s critical that there be a plan and to communicate this throughout your company, including multiple branches or locations to keep your business running smoothly.

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Here’s to a successful 2019! Thank you for reading our blog!