Saturday, 01 August 2020

COVID Office Printing Etiquette Tips

With Edmonton business offices beginning to re-open, etiquette is even more critical for health reasons. While it’s always important to be considerate and mindful when using the office printer (including not leaving a paper jam behind for someone else to deal with), extra precautions because of COVID must now be added.

Keep your co-workers happy AND healthy with these simple office printing etiquette tips:

Wipe everything down

Ensure that whatever you touch gets wiped down immediately after your printing job is completed. With the studies showing that the virus can live on hard surfaces for sometime, and potentially stay in the air, wearing a mask in the office is highly recommended.

Refuel the Printer

Leaving the printer on empty is bad printing etiquette. Take the time to refuel the printer and leave it print ready for the next person.

This includes restocking the paper supply. Replacing ink or toner cartridges may not be in your job description but it’s the considerate thing to do. If the next person is in a hurry, they won’t be delayed because of poor manners.

Don’t Leave a Paper Jam Behind

Leaving a paper jam behind is just plain bad etiquette. Imagine If it was you that needed something in a hurry for a meeting, only to find that you have to deal with a paper jam first.

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