Sunday, 22 June 2014

Essential Printer Facts That You Should Know

A printer is one of the important peripherals for any computer and it is a must have for producing hard copy. In fact, a printer will allow you to get hold of tangible results of the electronic data created and stored in computers. A printer will give mass production of high definition as well as fast and quality prints. The following article has compiled together some of the main types of printers and their facts:

Local peripheral printer

Also known as computer printer, this type of printer is usually attached directly to a computer via data cable so that the user can print documents directly from the source.

Network printer

A network printer is connected to several computers on a built in network. This one allows users connected to the network to print hard copy results on a first-in first-serve basis.

Impact printers

You can use an impact printer which uses a print head to strike against a ribbon in order to produce prints. The print head has several metal pins which strike against the ribbon to give the prints on a page. An example of impact printer is the low dot matrix printer.

Non impact printer

A non impact printer is faster and quitter kind of printer when working. A good example of non impact is the thermal printer. Thermal printers work by using heat to print on special kind of paper which is heat respective. The ink jet is another good example of non impact printer. This one squirts jets of ink from the cartridge unto the print paper.

Toner-based printer

Toner based printer uses a technology similar to that of a photocopier. Laser printers are a good example of toner based printers and they make use of dry powered ink as well as laser beam technology.

Color printers

Color printers produce both a whole color range, not just black and monochrome hard copy prints. With the advent of the popular digital cameras, photo printers have come into being and they too have gained popularity. Initially, these printers were highly priced and only used by photographers, but today, they are more accessible to the camera owning public. These printers contain more ink cartridges than the normal ink jet printers. This is to enable them duplicate the range of color seen in the viewfinder camera as well as to produce high definition pictures. Some of the current compact photo printers don't even require the use of a computer in order to print and they turn out standard size 4 by 6 prints.


Advancement in technology has also enabled the creation of multifunction printer known as All-In-One printer. With this printer, you have an all purpose device in one unit. You can even link the printer directly to other peripherals like flash drives, memory cards or even image captures such as digital cameras. This printer functions as a printer, fax machine and scanner, all in one unit.

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