Monday, 01 April 2019

Even your printer is vulnerable

One of the most overlooked items for a data security breach is your printer. For Calgary businesses, it’s critical to understand that your networked printer can be the gateway into the rest of your system. Intellectual property, along with data, can be at risk. So how do you safeguard your property and secure your printer?

#1 — A strong password

Set a strong password that’s not going to be easy to figure out. You should be able to find instructions in the manual that came with your device or on the manufacturer’s website. As the user, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’ve got a strong password.

#2 — Limited access

Only allow authorized users permission to access the printer. One option is to have a private IP number to prevent unauthorized access to the printer from outside the department or your business. If your network doesn’t allow for a private IP number, use other methods such as access control lists in the printer configuration. An internal firewall is included in some network printing devices — if your printer has a firewall, use it to allow only authorized personnel to use the printer

#3 Securely disposed of printers, copiers and MFPs

Before you dispose of a piece of equipment you own, be sure to securely erase or remove the disk drive.

#4 Disable any unnecessary services

Some printers may also have open file shares on the hard drive in the printer or copier, in addition to a web interface. It’s good practice to disable anything that is not being used.

#5 Perform regular checks for and implement firmware updates

Printers, like computers, need firmware updates occasionally. When you update firm, changes can occur to your security settings, as well as help your printer to run smoother and more quickly, while also decreasing paper and ink waste.

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