May 4th 2022

Everyday is take your dog to work day at PrinterWorks West

Who doesn’t love pets at the workplace? Except the Postman… Are we right or are we right? Let us know your thoughts…

Time and time again, we are seeing more and more businesses opting into a dog friendly office environment. Over the pandemic, many employees were so used to working from home and spending more time with their dogs or ended up getting a dog to keep them company during a busy workday from home. Nowadays with many employees getting back to the office, the main worry they have is who is going to look after their dogs when they are back at the office.

PrinterWorks West were a dog friendly office way before the pandemic. We take pride in allowing our employees to bring their dogs to the office everyday. We find that dogs in the office create a better and less stress of a work environment overall. Our office is full of dog toys hidden under printers and stored in different rooms around the office. On an average day we will have between 3-5 dogs at the PrinterWorks West Head Office. So many businesses have had a dog friendly work environment for a long time like Amazon, Google, and Etsy.

According to AAHA in 2019, the Nationwide study in the US found that 90% of employees in pet-friendly workplaces feel highly connected to their company's mission, are fully engaged with their work, and are willing to recommend their employer to others. In contrast, less than 65% of employees in non-pet-friendly workplaces made the same claims.

“Our goal at PrinterWorks West has always been to create a work culture where our team members look forward to going to work, and who doesn’t love a big wet kiss from a fun-loving fur baby. Our work dogs though sometimes loud make PrinterWorks West a better place to work for everyone.”

Benefits of dogs in the workplace:

• Pet owners tend to visit doctors less often and spend less money on medication.

• Having a pet reduces blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.

• 94% of heart patients with pets survive serious heart attacks, compared to only 72% without pets.

• The presence of dogs increases the number and length of people’s conversations with others in the community.

• Numerous studies have suggested dog walking is a great way to increase physical activity and may help reduce rates of obesity.

• Pet owners are significantly more likely to form friendships in their neighborhood than non-pet owners.

• Pet owners feel less afraid of being a victim of crime when walking with a dog or sharing a residence with a dog.

*According to Better Cities for pets: Source:

To conclude, we are major advocates for a dog friendly office environment and recommend fellow businesses to try it out and see how it works.