February 28th 2022

Expectations When You Choose Managed Print Services

Nowadays, many businesses work with Managed Print Services (MPS) providers to take care of their document workflow. If you are interested in MPS and have not yet moved to this approach don’t worry, there is still time. Most companies that are curious about the option of a print management service partnership tend to have a lot of questions which isn’t a bad thing. A common question that we get asked as a managed print service provider is about the initial process and how to get a quote and what that whole process looks like.

Right off the bat, we set up a free print assessment where we discuss what exactly a print management partnership entail. For more information on Managed Print Services check out our blog here: https://printerworkswest.com/blog/managed-print-services-is-more-than-just-a-cost-per-page/

What is involved in an MPS Quote?

Firstly, our team will want to do a print assessment of your business to analyze every piece of your document workflow where print devices like printers, scanners or copiers are actively being used throughout the office or at home. The assessment of your printing habits is to understand your print environment. Managed Print Services is a massive benefit as our techs can track your current fleet and map out where in your office they are located. Also, MPS generated reports to show you how many papers have been printed throughout the month and these reports can determine when you need a refill on your ink cartridges. The assessment will help you find out if there are unnecessary printers In your office. After this assessment is made and presented to you our team will send a proposal of what they think is the best approach for your existing fleet and if you need more or less printers.

There are two costs to an MPS contract:

1. The acquisition cost for the hardware.

2. The operating cost or MPS program.

It is extremely common to have different costs submitted for different formats based on the client’s preferences and the results of the initial assessment. Some consist of the following:

1. Hardware Only: You may purchase new equipment through a capital expenditure or rental/lease agreement with a third-party finance company.

2. MPS Takeover: No changes or hardware refreshes are necessary, we implement MPS on the existing print environment.

3. Total Print Management: MPS Provider offers a base or monthly flat rate including the equipment cost plus the Managed Print Services.

What does the MPS quote cover?

The majority of MPS programs will not cover paper (This would be an added cost). However, they will cover everything else even down to the staples. Typical, the way billing would work is on a Cost Per Page model. PrinterWorks West does offer a Cost Per Unit option too. If this is of interest, please contact us by emailing [email protected]. The rate for Cost Per Page is determined by the manufacturer and model of your fleet, the monthly usage of mono and colour and lastly the device operating areas.

Every month you will receive an invoice reflecting what was discussed in your quote and that was agreed upon (Base amount plus overages or extra pages used). Most MPS programs will include the cost saving s for your business from moving to such a program.

If you have not moved in an MPS program and are interested in learning more about this, please reach out to our team. Fill out the form online to start the process.