Wednesday, 01 July 2015

Got a Paper Jam? Ask Yourself These Questions Before Placing a Service Call

Are paper jams cramping your work flow? Paper jams are infuriating – anyone who’s seen the movie “Office Space” can attest to sympathizing with workers lined up waiting for a printer to get back up and running after it’s swallowed a piece of paper but can’t seem to spit it back out.

When a paper jam does occur – here are a few questions you might consider asking yourself prior to placing a service call:

Was someone printing labels recently?

The sticky nature of labels means that if one peels off inside the machine, it sticks to wherever it’s stuck. Remember when you are printing labels to ensure that no label edges have turned up corners exposing the adhesive side – smooth them down prior to printing to prevent them from getting stuck inside the printer.

What kind of paper are you using in your printer?

Heavier cardstocks and some types of slick or coated paper are prone to causing frequent paper jams. To figure out if the problem resides with your printer or your paper – try inserting a new ream of paper into the machine and see if that works.

Did you printer make funny noises before the paper jam?

If you heard strange or odd sounds from the printer just before a paper jam occurs, it can mean that a gear inside the printer has broken. If you have the option of using an alternate paper tray, try printing it from there if you need to get the job done and to help you better assess what the problem is.

Are you sure you got the whole page or might a small piece of paper still be left inside?

When removing paper during a paper jam, if a small piece of paper is left behind the machine will remain in a paper jam state. Make sure the entire page comes out when you are removing it.