Wednesday, 01 May 2019

Hands-free printing options

We’re all busy and finding ways to free up time and be more efficient is on everyone’s minds in Calgary businesses. Many of us use virtual assistants to get more done quickly. We can now use our voices to interact with technology, asking it questions we would previously had to spend the time looking up online or ordering it to carry out a task for us.

A delay of just a few minutes can turn a smooth-running day into a disorganized chaotic one. With voice command enabled printers, business owners can eliminate those delays and avoid sitting at a computer, searching for files. Now, all he or she has to do is ask the virtual assistant to manage the printing while taking more of important and valuable tasks.

There are a number of options available. As an example — business owners and staff can now direct Amazon Alexa™ to communicate directly with their printers with voice activation — ‘Alexa, ask Canon Printer to print staff list’. Or to do lists or whatever they require, onsite or remotely.

Streamlined Automatic Maintenance

Running behind at work or for a meeting is something to which every business owner or employee can relate. Trying to print a document, only to find the printer is out of ink, is jammed or needs to be cleaned are all frustrations most of us have experienced. Virtual assistant integrated printing can eliminate these issues — before low ink levels become a problem, ask the virtual assistant to check the ink and order more when needed. You can set up regular printer maintenance with a few simple commands; adding new printers to your network will be easier than ever.

The future of managed print services

Soon managed print services will be able to learn and perform alongside virtual assistants. Imagine this — you have a flight to catch first thing the next day — when you arrive home that evening, your itinerary is already downloaded and printed. Preferred settings and preferences for various projects and documents will allow business owners and staff, virtual assistants, and printing equipment to work together in a more streamlined, efficient manner.

Printerworks West can help your Calgary-based business to streamline your printing through voice activation and determine the best printer for your printing needs. We can establish and maintain your printer fleet and also provide troubleshooting support. Partnering with an established MPS provider, such as Printerworks West, can help your business increase its productivity while decreasing the overall ongoing costs of business operations.

If you would like to learn more about Managed Print Services in the Calgary area, please feel free to contact us.