29 March 2021

how can a Wide Format Printer Benefit your Business.

Nowadays, technology is ever changing and with this brings speculation that print is dead. However, whoever said that is clearly mistaken. It is safe to say that print is not over which allows companies to invest in a new or used wide format printer. PrinterWorks West has a wide range of devices available for you to choose from. Why would a wide format printer be a good investment for your business? We have comprised a list of reasons below!

1. Create Effective Marketing Materials

When it comes to printing materials in house there is endless opportunities with a wide format printer. There are so many possibilities, from creating important business signage to printing banners for trade shows. The is one of many advantages of having a wide format printer in house!

2. Lower Costs of Operations

PrinterWorks West can provide new or used printing devices to our clients. Obviously, a used printer would be a lot more cost savings than a new printer. This is because the printing needs of the business will already be handled in-house, and you do not need to pay third-party service providers.

3. Be Easily Recognized

We all know that having access to a wide format printer can help a companies marketing department enormously. It can make the marketing material printed in-house more recognizable. With a wide format printer, you can create large marketing material that can be seen from afar. It will allow you to stand out. You will be able to create life-sized cut outs that will not go unnoticed.

4. Print on a Variety of Materials

Printing on other types of materials is another reason why you need a wide format printer in your office! Depending on the type of printer, the advanced models have the capabilities to print on wood and other unique surfaces. Nevertheless, you can expect the output to be still great. This will allow your business to uncover new printing opportunities!

5. Save Time

Time saving is another good reason to invest in a wide format printer. Because of the size of the wide format printer, it is capable of printing more within a short period of time. Usually there is a waiting time when using a print shop to print your marketing material. However, with in-house printing there is no need to wait long before your posters are printed and ready for installation. With a wide format printer, you can print up to 15 large posters in an hour, depending on the capacity of the device that you are using.

Investing your money and time into a wide format printer is an excellent way to go! It will be an effective tool to lower your budget and improve other avenues of your business with promotional material mainly with the marketing department. The preliminary costs can be high at first however the long-term costs and usage will surely be worth every dollar you spend.

If you would like to inquire about purchasing or leasing a wide format printer for your office, contact us today by calling 403-252-6543 or email [email protected].