Friday, 26 June 2020 

The benefits of Papercut and How It Can Minimize your Companies Costs

Do you know how much money you are wasting on unused prints?

Managing print accounts in settings where several employees need constant print access can be challenging. On one hand, printing is essential for a broad range of business practices – even the most diligent employer cannot oversee every single print order to decide whether it is needed or not. On the contrary, many business printing orders are parts of jobs that could have just as easily been done digitally. Being able to understand the difference is extremely important to any manager overseeing employee print orders.

What Papercut Offers to Employers

One of the most important and obvious benefit to Papercut offers is the reduction of wasteful printing. Papercut, a full-service management software makes it easier for employees to print documents corresponding to their needs and to identify the times when printing would be a waste of employee time and company fund.

There are several ways that Papercut makes this possible:

• Print Policy Management: A lot of companies within Canada do not have a print policy in place. This software accomplishes this by establishing a string of automatic pop-up alerts for the user and the device. This makes sure that your employees stick to your company’s print policy.

• Print Tracking: Papercut tracks the printer and copier used by employees. This gives managers clear and summarized data about their printer use. It keeps comprehensive print logs that are manageable through Papercut’s database design. There is even an option to export the data in HTML or CSV form to show where you can save money and where you can improve.

• Reports: Papercut provides managers access to a thorough set of reporting. These consist of ad-hoc reports that use custom filtering, real-time one-click reports, and sorting algorithms, and scheduled email reports.

• Find-Me Printing: For employees who work through their building, retrieving prints made on separate levels of a multi-level building can be a substantial waste of time and productivity. Papercut’s Find-Me Printing functionality lets you print at the device nearest to your current workstation.

• Mobile and BYOD Printing: Papercut lets employees print on any platform, on any device, and in any file format. That means that using this technology, you can have a remote worker print a page in your building from anywhere in the world.

• User Tools: With Papercut, you can display individual users’ print credits on their laptop or computer so that they can see how much they are spending on the go. This technology is also part of the client-side tracker that lets supervisors take control of high-volume user print accounts. Papercut provides credits to show users the exact quantity of pages they can print per day.

How Papercut Features Save Money

Most companies do not know how much they spend on printing every month. While managed print services offer a fixed price per page or price per user, only this software can break down the usage into a ready-made report so that you can see how much you are spending and where you can cut costs.

With Find-Me Printing, you may discover that a lot of employees are wasting loads of minutes on the hour by retrieving printed pages from other offices. Having them print at the printer closest to them at the time will generate huge improvements to your overall workplace productivity.

When it comes to employees who print large volumes daily, having them pay to print beyond their allowed daily spend will help limit costs and hopefully teach them not to abuse company print policy. Papercut makes that possible, essentially forcing employees to find more effective ways to work with their data.

For more information on papercut go to their website.