April 11th 2022

How To Choose the Right Printer?

Choosing a printer can be very daunting especially when you are not fully aware of what printers are out there and if they meet your needs. One way to determined if a printer is right for you is to understand your businesses printing needs. Also, to ask yourself, where will I be using this printing device? At home, at the office, in a school, for creative projects or is it for construction?

We have simplified it down based on the type of environment you may be printing in.

Home Printing Environment

The best printers for home office are those with low volume printing and have the flexibility to handle documents as well as images in colour. Traditionally the go-to-printers for home use were inkjet printers. However, the economy, stability, and improved operation of laser printers have made it a popular home printer option.

Office Printing Environment

Laser printers are the go-to printers for the office environment. Why? Because they can print larger volumes of text for an extended period. Laser printers are known as the “workhorse” of the workplace. There is also an option of Multifunctional Printers (MFPs), they provide scanning, faxing, and copying options to meet your printing and workflow requirements. Colored laser printers are ideal if you need colour prints in addition to the high-volume document printing needs of the workplace.

Students/School Printing Environment

We find low page yield laser printers are the finest for schools. One major benefit is that they are more affordable than an inkjet printer in the long term. Also, they are as equally reliable when it comes to printing documents as you need it.

Creative Printing Environment

If you need a printer for creative purposes, then the Inkjet printer is your best friend. Nothing can best this printer for the creative and photo community! Stay clear of cheap inkjet printers. Why? Because most of the cheap ones use way too much ink, their cartridges tend to hold a smaller amount of ink compared to the more expensive devices. This then results in paying more money to continuously switch out your empty ink cartridges. For high quality-colored prints, go for inkjet printers with no less than 6 ink pots. Canon is a good brand you should investigate.

If this doesn’t help you to pick the right printer. Contact our team so that you can make the best decision.

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