Tuesday, 15 October 2019

How to Keep Your Printer Secure

As we move into the future, the advancement of technology is only going to continue. This is something to celebrate, but it is also something that can cause concern. In the first six months of 2019, billions of records were compromised because of data breaches. Billions. It’s safe to say that security should be a top priority for you and your business. To avoid data breaches and theft of your intellectual property, follow these tips and tricks to help secure your printer:

Create a password

This seems obvious, but many do not bother creating an admin password for their printing device. The device itself doesn’t usually come equipped with a password so it’s important to find the instruction manual in order to do so. If the device does come with a default password, make sure to change it to something unique. Default passwords make it much easier for hackers.

Watch over your printer

Make sure important documents are not left in the tray. One mistake could let someone have access to information that is extremely sensitive to your company. Sometimes hackers are not always using online methods and will target your business in a physical way instead.

Private IP number

Making sure you have a private IP number is important because it stops unauthorized use of your printer. If a private IP number is not an option for you, check if there is an internal firewall. Some devices allow for this and you can use it to stop unauthorized traffic to your printer.

Disable services

Some services will run on your printer differently than on the web interface. It’s important to disable them if they are not in use to eliminate any potential risks. And, if you are not even using the web interface, you might as well turn off the web server.

Be smart about hard drives

If you are using a hard drive to store data, which is the case for some printing devices, make sure you are erasing it or removing it whenever your device is being leased or disposed. This will make sure your data is not compromised.

Encryption is another option for your hard drive and adds that extra layer of protection to your precious data.

Keep up to date

Your device is likely going to need updates, much like a computer. Make sure your printer is doing the best job it can by keeping up to date with firmware updates. Sometimes these updates can change your security settings so make sure to check everything out once they are done.

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