Monday, 24 November 2014

How To Know If You Are Getting The Exact Level Of Automation For Your Managed Print Services

With the advancement of technology come many things that will benefit you and your business. One such popular technology these days is called automation. Automation holds a very broad spectrum of features that will help you in a lot of ways. However, such a word can be specifically defined as a system, method or technique that will help control or operate a certain process using highly technical and automatic measures and basically relying upon electronic devices. Automation lessens human intervention and can make your work easier and faster than usual.

The benefits of automation

Automation clearly involves a lot of many things and newer processes introduced in many business establishments were the work of human hands cannot just simply comply with client requirements. This is why many services came into being; all of which are geared to lending a helping hand to business owners and their employees. Take for instance the likes of DocuSense. This one promises not just to make things easier but also to ensure that such things can possibly happen.

Automation and the usual workplace scenario

With automation also came a lot of other possibilities for the workplace. In the past, we usually see employees doing bulk of the work even when the workplace has already been automated. Many times, we can see employees roaming around printing, copying or operating fax machines. At times, IT people would also have to do repairs for non-functioning equipment. Come to think of this setup and you will realise, the business is already spending too much money, time and effort.

Managed Print Services in the world of automation

The usual workplace scenario has been depicted above. In order to minimise the problems that were commonly associated with automation back then, the concept of Managed Print Services or MPS has been introduced. This service is more than just there to manage your printing services and consolidate your billing. It is there because they can also proactively maintain your equipment whilst also optimising the workplace environment. It can automate almost everything from your printing supplies to delivery of your services to replacement of your equipment fleets.

Getting the exact level of automation for your MPS

There are indeed many benefits that you will receive from the concept of MPS being introduced in the workplace. Imagine not having to bother IT professionals to do the printing of documents and all other work they were used to handling in the past. This can help them concentrate on other things that need their experience and expertise. With the many MPS providers existing online, though, it can be quite hard to tell which one amongst them will really deliver what you expect. A few considerations have to be brought to mind.

They network all printing and copy devices in the workplace

MPS providers will provide you an easy-to-use system that will separate non-networked and non-reporting devices from those that are connected with your network. This will certainly benefit you in that the non-networked devices will no longer have the capability to copy information and use them to manage your equipment fleet. Expect then that all networked devices will be reported in your existing system and will document what is actually taking place on their respected networks.

They provide help anytime you need it

In case the networked device malfunctions, an expert MPS provider will send a technician on the way. This can help reduce user frustration and can also decrease downtime in the system. What makes these experts even better to work with is the fact that you need not specify what in your network needs repair. They are already hooked into your system, thus, they can bring with them the supplies that will replace any malfunctioning part in your system.

They send reports regularly

An existing contract with an MPS provider can provide a clause with which you should expect them to send you a copy of fleet analysis reports. What may be regular to you may not be regular to them thus a timeframe should be provided before you sign a contract with them. Such reports should show what has been printed, who was printing the document and what device was used in initiating the print job. It can also give you a thorough analysis of the pages which may have been wasted in the course of the printing process.

They send detailed and comprehensible invoices

If your MPS provider sends you an invoice with only the amount and not the specifics as to the work they have done for you, there is reason for you to get worried. An expert MPS provider should be able to place all the details as to where each cost is specifically charged. Device groupings should be specified accordingly.

If you are looking for a reliable automation process for your business, you can use our reliable Managed Print Services to your advantage. Give us a call and we will be ready to answer all your queries regarding this service.