January 11th 2022

How to troubleshoot HP printer paper jam error?

As great as a printer may be, printer paper jams are bound to happen eventually. Even if it is the tiniest piece of paper that gets stuck inside the device it can stop the printer functioning correctly. Don’t worry if this has happened to you, we are here to help.

When an error occurs on your printer your printer will not continue to execute the printing task. There are several ways to try and fix this issue.

Why does your printer paper jam?

Overfilling of paper tree: The paper tray comes with a printer that has a certain capacity to load the sheets. Over feeling of the printer tray can cause trouble to users.

Improper positioning of paper: Sometimes the device shows HP printer paper jam error but no paper jam due to improper positioning of the paper in the paper tray. Your printing jobs make it stock when you position the tray correctly.

Incorrect paper: It has been discovered that users often use the poor-quality printing paper or wrong size paper and encounter the paper jam error. It is highly recommended that HP printers use the printer manual to understand the right type of paper for printing the documents.

Dust, dirt, or debris: Not cleaning the HP Printer can also result in a paper jam error. So, if you find that no paper is stuck but a paper jam error showing, you must check for the dirt or dust on the device.

We have come up with step-by-step instructions on how to fix a paper jam on a HP printing device.

1. Check the front cover of your printer for jammed papers

2. Check input tray for jammed papers

3. Check the Output Tray for Jammed Tray

4. Clean the feed rollers

5. Clean printer rollers

6. Clean paper jam from rear

7. Reset the printer

If none of the above instructions work, please contact your service provider. Most Managed Print Service providers will be able to help. If you are a client or potential client, call us for a free online consultation or book an appointment for our team to come by to assess the situation.

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