Friday, 15 February 2019

How to increase the efficiency of your Edmonton print environment and reduce costs

Most businesses and other organizations are typically uninformed overall about how printing and document management costs. The first step to gain control of your Edmonton printing environment is to gain an understanding of how it is currently working. Then you can make the necessary changes to have it run more effectively and efficiently.

Printing Analytics

By accessing and assessing all the data — what is getting printed, who is printing it and how often, you will have the analytics to do a proper assessment. Once you have that information, you can take action and save money over the long-term. Once you have that information, you can easily where excessive and unnecessary printing occurs — unneeded colour printing, superfluous one-sided printing or other printing habits.

If you incorporate managed print services such as Printerworks offers, each time a document is printed, the system records who is printing, how many pages were printed, whether the document was printed in black and white or in colour, the time, and from which device and to what device the document was sent.

Having the data to see which documents are printed and why is critical to streamline and optimize your printing process. These analytics allow businesses to make changes to improve the printing environment and reduce expenses. One way to cut down on excessive printing and storage issues is to consider moving to digital documentation, rather than printing documents for the purpose of filing them.

It’s also important to ask whether documents can be printed duplex (double-sided printing to reduce consumption, and whether they should be printed in colour?

Printerworks is a leading Managed Print Service (MPS) provider which works with Edmonton business owners to assess and optimize their print environment. We help organizations to gain a complete picture of the true cost of their document production throughout the business.

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