Tuesday, 06 December 2016

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts + Free Printables

Gift giving just got easier. All it takes is your printer, some scissors and a quick trip to your local drug store to create crafty and affordable gifts for everyone on your list. These simple solutions create a personalized feel which goes a long way in making those who receive your last-minute presents actually feel special. With a little creativity and your printer, you can add a whole dose of personality to these inexpensive Christmas gifts that will wow their recipients:

EOS Lip Balm Christmas Gifts

Thanks to the creativity of Happiness is Homemade and Tried & True, you can package sphere shaped lip balms, a.k.a. EOS lip balms, in cute ready to print fashion. If you’ve got a girlfriend, niece or co-worker that you’ve forgotten about – worry not. Just head to your local drug store to pick up these globe shaped lip balms (they retail at under $5) and make sure your printer is stocked with ink. The templates include a clearly marked area for where to insert or tape/glue down the sphere and add a nice touch to a gift that is simply lip-saving and wonderful.

Sparkle Tags for Nail Polish or Champagne

Add a link sparkle to your gift giving by incorporating these “Sparkle All the Way” gift tags. While the example used by I Heart Nap Time showcases sparkly nail polish as the gift, we think a sparkling wine is just as fitting. By printing off the tags and adding them to either gift of your choice, you add a touch of humour and whimsy, while also bringing a personalized feel to an otherwise last minute gift.

Christmas M&M Poem Printable

Bringing it back to the reason for the season, this Christmas gift idea features a poem that plays on M & M’s shape to retell the nativity story. By simply grabbing a bag of the bite sized candies and a mason jar or some other vessel to hold the tasty “M” marked treats, you can then print off the poem template provided by Lil Luna and attach it. The poem sweetens the candy all the more with it’s message reminding its recipient of the spirit of Christmas.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

From the Darling Doodles Design blog, these cute “Wash You a Merry Christmas” printable tags add a cute touch to an otherwise generic gift. Hand soaps are perfect hostess, teacher, co-worker, last minute gifts that are again affordable and can be purchased easily. Unfortunately, with the holiday season comes the colder weather and in turn, flu and cold season. Stocking up on hand soap is the perfect way to battle those nasty bugs and your gift recipients will appreciate your gesture.

iTunes Gift Card Holders

For those who love music or gaming or movies, iTunes gift cards are an easy go-to. They’re great for stocking stuffers and smaller denominations can go a long way at the iTunes store. Instead of just popping the gift card into a plain old envelope, you can print off these cute “Sleigh Bells Ring, Are you Listening?” gift card holders from Snap Creativity. You can just as easily re-create the graphic yourself with a pen and paper but for those of us who can’t wield a pen just right to make pretty letters – just print the thing off, handwrite your name and your good to go.

DIY Photo Pendants or Charms

This gift giving idea is brilliant and really does bring personalization to the next level. Simply print off photos of your loved ones at home and visit your local craft store (I love Michael’s) to pick up the items listed in this tutorial from the Sarah Saving blog. Add a sepia filter to the photos if you want to give them a vintage look like the one displayed or go black and white. Full colour will work too. In any case, the sentiment that comes with a giving a gift like this is priceless.