Friday, 10 February 2017

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards & Printables – FREE

Valentine’s Day 2017 is almost here! No one wants to be the parent, partner, or friend who forgot that Feb. 14th marks the day to express one’s gratitude and love for those dear to their heart. But alas, life gets in the way and well, sometimes we forget and just have to make due. What do you do? You trust PrinterWorks West to look out for you.

We’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day cards and gifts that you can print easily at home, for FREE. All you need is a printer full of ink (we suggest using colour because it looks so much better), paper, scissors and a pen to personalize your ‘creation’.

In fact, despite the fact that your last-minute valentine is printed, the DIY nature adds a personal touch which goes a long in way in making its receiver feel that much more special.

Free Valentine's Day Printables:

These are great last minute valentines that you can print for your kid’s classroom celebrations courtesy of Muffin Grayson. They let you take it up a notch by inserting either pencils or pixie sticks to give your child’s classmates a practical or sweet treat without spending a lot of money.

From Pumpkins & Posies, this set of 4 valentine’s day cards uses simple graphics and witty inscriptions to send love to those you wish. The website has a whole host of other free printables that are just as cute and free – so we do suggest checking it out if none of the ones you see here are exactly right for your amour.

Keep calm and print this card. For those who did forget to pick up a v-day card for their partner, relax, the folks at 74 Lime Lane have a keep calm and kiss me template for you to print off. We suggest you use a thicker stock paper (obviously, card stock would be best.)

For the coders, programmers and computer lovers in your life, these ‘Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards’ come courtesy of the Digital Mom blog. They do a great job of playing on all things techy, to distract those in your life who are connected to their screens, away from such so you can steal a smooch. They are super witty indeed.

Calling all Star Wars fans – and really – who in the galaxy doesn’t love Yoda? Fortunately, Skip to my Lou has some free printables that our out of this world (pardon the pun). These Star Wars themed valentine cards are totally free and can be printed from home. They’ll be a sure winner for your child’s classmates and they can inscribe whatever they want on the other side.

From all of us at PrinterWorks West, we wish you and yours a very wonderful Valentine’s Day!