Tuesday, 02 October 2012

Learn To Save Money On Ink Cartridges

Going digital with files means never having to worry about clutter, being able to archive documents and images close to infinity and being able to search for files with ease through indexing. But for those who prefer the feel of paper in their hands there are printers that can transform digital files into hard copies. This comes at a price, however, which is an expensive one owing to the exorbitantly high cost of ink. Thankfully, there are a few tricks one can apply to get the most out of printer cartridges.


Cram as much information in a page as is possible without going over the top. The result should be legible and uncluttered yet mustn’t have overly wide margins or too much spacing between the lines.

Font size

Use font size that is small but readable. Point size 11 to 12 is fine for the text’s body while headings can be increased to 14-16 and subheadings can be made bold.


If there are no images in the document then print it in grayscale. Don’t worry, the text won’t come out grey but will just be a little lighter than black.


Refill ink cartridges instead of purchasing new ones. It is cheaper, works just as well and refilled cartridges can hold 20 percent more ink!