17th February 2021

Local Albertan Business Donates A Printer to Help Children in Need

On Tuesday February 16th, 2021, PrinterWorks West made the journey to St. Benedict Elementary School in Calgary to hand deliver a printing device to their Education Support Program. St. Benedict School strive to create a Catholic learning environment and to understand God’s will. They believe God works through us on our Christian journey to educate, empower, respect, and value each other as unique individuals. St. Benedict houses a district Special Needs program for students who have been identified with severe specific special needs. The Educational Support Level III (ESIII) teacher provides academic instruction and life skills to students in a small group setting.

The ESIII class provides programming for students with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Their students are non-verbal requiring support of assistive communication tools. They use picture symbols as a communication tool to increase their receptive and expressive language skills. To provide the students with individual communication programs, they need to print visuals in color to support their student’s visual needs. Community-based instruction allows students to practice and transfer skills taught in the classroom to other places.

This donated printer will act as an aid to help each child progress through colours and imagery. The staff will be able to use this printer to print in colour when needed. Speaking with Trudy McMullin, ESIII Teacher she expressed, “I am sitting here at my computer next to our HP LaserJet 500 color MFP M575 and I cannot express my thanks and appreciation for your kindness and your time. Your openness and generosity is like nothing I have ever received before. I want you to know the sense of peace that you brought to me. I now can provide what my angels need, their voice! And our team, our EA’s, you have inspired them as well. They always want to do more and now they can.”

PrinterWorks West is proud to be able to provide this machine to such a rewarding program. We look forward to working with them and ensuring they never have to worry about printing for their students again.