Saturday, 15 September 2018

More advice on how to secure your printers and copiers

Hacking is big business today and your printers and copiers are an attractive target for these attackers. Ensure your data is protecte. Here are 3 steps to ensure your safety.

1. Destroy Old Hard Drives

As we mentioned in a recent blog, most copiers and printers have hard drives which store your print jobs and other information running through the device. When you get rid of the device, this can be a problem. For example, if you were operating a physician’s office and patient information was stored on a hard drive that was disposed of, and someone later came across it. Or your company contact information and invoicing details can also be acquired down the road the same way. There is an easy solution — remove and destroy the hard drive when you get rid of a device.

2. Lock Down Your Printers and Copiers

Having all users authenticate when they use a device is an excellent way to ensure internal security. This also means you will have a handle on everything that is being printed or sent through email, so you are aware if anyone is sending anything they shouldn’t be.

3. Buy Hardware with Advanced Security

Manufacturers are taking security seriously these days and designing devices with built-in protection including Hewlett Packard, which states it has the world’s most secure printers and copiers. Xerox is also making to ensure its printers and copiers have the same security protection as computers and servers.

Ensure that you are taking steps to protect the security of your imaging devices and your company’s data.