December 18th 2023

PaperCut MF 23.0: Redefining Print Management for Modern Businesses

In the fast-paced world of modern business, managing your print environment efficiently is not just about saving paper and ink; it's about streamlining your operations, enhancing security, and keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Enter PaperCut MF 23.0, the latest release from PaperCut, designed to help businesses succeed at any scale, on any platform, and with robust new features that cater to the unique demands of today's dynamic business world.

A Fortified Foundation: Enhanced Architecture Security

Security is paramount in the digital age, and PaperCut MF 23.0 reinforces your organization's defenses. Here are the key enhancements:

● Urgent Message Banner: In the admin console, a new feature enables rapid, targeted direct-to-customer messaging. Keep your communication sharp and responsive.

● Admin Re-authentication: Changing essential security settings, like adding or modifying Admin accounts, now requires re-authentication. It's an extra layer of protection for your system.

● Password Hashing: All passwords in the file are now securely hashed, safeguarding sensitive information.

● Data Encryption: Data exchanged between the Print Provider and Application Server is now encrypted, guaranteeing your privacy.

● Under-the-Hood Security: Extensive security improvements, following rigorous penetration testing and security reviews, ensure your system is fortified.

Seamless Modern Authentication

As businesses embrace digital transformation, user authentication becomes a critical component. PaperCut MF 23.0 supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) flows for all admin and user web interfaces when using Azure Active Directory as the identity provider. Protect your system and your data with modern authentication methods.

Privacy Protection with Payment Gateways

The rise of online transactions necessitates advanced privacy protection. With changes to the 3D Secure 2 authentication protocol, personally identifiable information is collected during merchant transactions. PaperCut MF 23.0 ensures that PID is never captured in any log files, regardless of the log level used. Your customers' privacy remains intact.

Empowering Virtual Desktop Environments with Print Deploy

The world of business now spans across various virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platforms. PaperCut MF 23.0 has risen to the occasion by enhancing the Print Deploy client's capabilities to work seamlessly with popular VDI platforms such as Citrix, VMware Horizon, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Server (RDS). Print management is now efficient, regardless of your virtual desktop environment.

Flexible Pricing with Multi-Tiered Print Deploy Zones

With the increasing demand for print enablement, PaperCut MF 23.0 introduces a new multi-tiered pricing model for Print Deploy zones. This model caters to businesses of all sizes:

● Accessibility for Small Customers: Small businesses can now afford the service, even if they only require a handful of zones.

● Scalability for Medium and Large Customers: Larger enterprises can expand their print enablement to capture maximum value.

● Unlimited Zone Tier: For the largest deals, an unlimited zone tier is available, ensuring that the most extensive operations can be efficiently managed.

As you embrace PaperCut MF 23.0, you're not just upgrading your print management; you're embracing a comprehensive solution that empowers your business in the digital age. Whether it's fortified security, modern authentication, privacy protection, or streamlined print management in VDI environments, PaperCut MF 23.0 has you covered.

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