Wednesday, 01 November 2017

Print Analytics: Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

As a leading Managed Print Service (MPS) provider who helps Calgary and Edmonton business owners optimize their print environment to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, we thought it pertinent to talk about the benefits of print analytics.

One of the first steps in gaining control of your print environment is understanding how it currently works in order to make changes for the better. By accessing and assessing the data of who is doing the printing, how often, what gets printed and more, your print analytics can disclose great insights that enable you to take action and save big bucks in the long run.

More often than not, most organizations are completely unaware of how much they spend on print and document management. This is where your printing analytics comes in.

User Printing Analytics

Figuring out who is printing, what it is they’re printing and why they are printing is a great way to understand the process of your people and how they work. This also helps establish where in the process excessive or unnecessary printing may be happening. Whether it is unneeded colour printing, superfluous one-sided printing or other non-compulsory printing habits, printer analytics enable you to track this data.

With managed print services, every time a document is printed, the system can record who is printing, how many pages were printed, whether it was printed in black and white or in colour, what time, and from what device and to what device the document was sent.

This kind of data enables businesses to implement changes that help create a culture of print appropriateness. Rather than excessive printing, perhaps a new process is called for. For example, instead of printing docs to simply file them, perhaps moving over to digital documentation may be the answer which saves you significant printing and storage costs.

Document Printing Analytics

Understanding what documents are being printed and why is essential for streamlining and optimizing office efficiency. Again, are documents being printed simply to go into a filing cabinet? Does this make sense for your business? Can the documents in your office be shared digitally rather than in hard copy?

Is it necessary for documents to be printed in colour? Should the default settings on your printers be duplex i.e. double-sided printing to reduce paper consumption?

Identifying the purpose of printed documents and their part in your key business processes allows you to assess whether or not your resources are being allocated properly. But without taking a look at the metrics, how can you manage them? This is what print analytics can disclose.

PrinterWorks West Managed Print Services allow organizations to understand the true cost of their document production across the entire enterprise. By taking a look at these analytics, we help you gain control of your imaging fleet and optimize the fleet so your devices work for you, your business and your budget.

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