Monday, 09 September 2013

Print management – How to cut down on wastage of paper

According to various researches, in the past decade, numerous multinational companies all over the world have wasted over 20 billion Euros due to inefficient business practices most of which can be attributed to the wastage of paper while printing. It is a massive over- indulgence on the part of these companies which has resulted in a huge loss for the environment as well as the company’s balance sheet.

Keeping the wastage of paper in mind, various financial institutions have now adopted the use of systems which help in regulating printing applications. These systems help in saving paper by monitoring, controlling and charging for additional paper usage.

One of the basic features of print management systems is the printer auto routing. The auto routing enables a specific print job to be routed automatically to the printer most suited for the job. This helps in saving ink as well as precious time. For example, if the use wishes to send a single page document for printing, the system will ensure that a desktop printer receives the command. However if a 100 page document is to be printed, the system will send the document to a high speed multi functional device which can handle such a load.