March 7th 2022

Print Security Tips Your Need for Your Business

Nowadays, office or home printing devices are usually network devices housing critical business data. Nearly all printers contain hard drives which can store data without you even knowing. Every print job you have ever done may be stored in the printer’s hard drive and some of those print jobs may have been confidential. When disposing of your old printer, please make sure to check the device for a hard drive and ensure that the hard drive is responsibly destroyed by a reputable organization that will provide you with a certificate and possible video footage of the hard drive being destroyed.

If your printer does not have any security currently and your computer is connected to your laptop and either your home or office Wi-Fi these are entry points for hackers to gain access to your sensitive data not only on your printer but on your laptop too. So, as a business, you must make sure that your IT infrastructure includes print security.

When working on or with any IT device it is always important to ensure the safety of those devices and the information stored on them. Whether it may be a printer or a copier they should always be monitored and managed with a specific protection plan in place to ensure no data leaks transpire. When your devices at work or home lack the security measures needed to ensure everyone’s safety it can potentially lead to a risk and that risk may be financial, legal and may even affect the reputation of the business or person involved.

To ensure that a potential data breach does not occur, we have outlined four main tips on how to ensure your print fleet is carefully managed.

1. Invest in Reliable Print Security

When working with an MPS provider make sure before you sign any agreement that they can help your business with print security. PrinterWorks West offers free print security assessment when you reach out for help on your current print fleet. We pride ourselves in offering the “full package”. Meaning, we not only provide you with the print hardware, but we work with you on what print solutions would work best for your business after we assess your current fleet. Your print environment can then be monitored, managed, and protected by your IT and office equipment provider.

2. Place Printers Behind a Firewall

A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and permits, or blocks data packets based on a set of security rules. Its purpose is to establish a barrier between your internal network and incoming traffic from external sources (such as the internet) to block malicious traffic like viruses and hackers. Please ensure your network printers are behind your firewall and that your team execute updates on a regular basis. There are many levels of firewall, so work with your IT team to ensure the best solutions for your print environment.

3. Employ Print Management Software

Print management software is important when it comes to tracking, reporting, and managing your print fleet. This software can help your identity all potential attacks your printers may be experiencing, and it can also be cost effective in other areas of your business. It is always helpful to study users printing to establish the common threats your printer might be facing and the best practices to undertake.

4. Limit Network Printing

Every business should only ever allow network printing if the instructions come through your network router. This can be tricky especially now with working from home (remote work) which is why PrinterWorks West recommends spending money on Managed Print Services (MPS) to ensure you and your employees can print safely and securely without any hassle from the office or at home.

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