Thursday, 01 March 2018

Printed Direct Mailouts – Do they Still Work?

For business owners and service providers looking to attract new clients or generate greater business, navigating through today’s various marketing channels makes one question what advertising avenues work best? Is it social media, television, radio, email marketing, highway billboards – is print still relevant? Does the old school direct mailout still work?

While a truly effective marketing strategy takes a holistic approach and utilizes all methods – this also gets expensive. You need to pick and choose your battles as they say and the same goes for where you decide to spend your advertising budget. Direct mail campaigns do still have their advantages and here are just a few benefits they provide that might steer you towards going to the printers:

Direct mail doesn’t require opt-in from recipients

Unlike the newer methods of email or text mtillessage marketing, printed direct mail doesn’t require you to get permission from your recipient before you send. This means you truly can target new clientele. Also, it highlights the importance of acquiring physical mailing addresses when you do get users who subscribe to your email list, so that should they unsubscribe – you can still reach them via direct mail.

Direct mail doesn’t have malware, hacks or go to spam folders

Your direct mail will get delivered. Unlike emails that get dismissed as spam, go straight to junk or are deleted outright because people are apprehensive about getting a virus from an unknown email address, your ad will get delivered. Granted whether it gets thrown in the trash or saved for later is dependant on how effective your message and visuals are. So definitely be sure your mail out is visually compelling and leaves a lasting impression.

Direct mail doesn’t have the same competition

As has already been alluded to, email inboxes are inundated with marketing messages and people are getting tired of it. The fact is that filtering through all the emails one receives is a task in itself these days and most online experiences are disrupted by ads that fly in from windows or hover above the articles we are trying to focus on and read. At the end of a long day, there’s something about sorting through mail, tangible mail that is almost calming. Reaching clients in this way, in their homes has a nostalgic quality about it but also, is effective because again, you’re not competing against all the other noise.

Direct mail drives traffic to your online marketing channels

While ideally you want your direct mail campaign to immediately produce results and ring in the ch-chang from sales – this isn’t always the case. Sometimes your ad will get pinned onto the fridge for later, for when the time is ripe for you to provide the product or service you sell. Other times, it may get stored in a desk and handed to an office mate who asks about the service your company provides.

The point is, your advertisement will create brand recall and when that recall happens, chances are your company will be looked up online. Your direct mail will drive traffic to your online marketing channels, your website and your social media. So as mentioned from the get go – you want your marketing approach to be holistic. Keep your website and your social media channels up to date.

For those nay-sayers who say direct mail is not an effective strategy – we disagree. It has its advantages and is definite method you should keep within your advertising arsenal. Just be sure to work with a talented graphic designer and printing team.