Friday, 06 December 2013

Printing Using Your iPhone Is Easier Than Ever - Thanks To Airprint Technology!

An iPhone is truly a magnificent device you can use for multiple purposes these days. For example, you can read your emails, watch videos, make high quality pictures, navigate on the internet and even connect it to a printer as well. Wherever you are, you can actually send printing jobs to your printer almost instantly and you are able to print a large variety of files such as photos, documents, emails and so on.

If you don’t know how to do that yet then don’t worry. Read this article and you will learn quickly. All that you need is a printer which is compatible with AirPrint and of course, an iPhone.

1. Set up your printer first. Pretty much every major printer manufacturer sells printers which are compatible with AirPrint these days. Basically, AirPrint is a unique technology which considerably facilitates the ability to print from an iPhone. Make sure that you set up your printer to be AirPrint compatible. Also, your iPhone and the printer must be on the same network as well.

If your printer is not compatible with AirPrint then you might need to browse iTunes in order to find applications which will allow you to print from your iPhone. There are plenty of such apps so pick wisely. Also, a lot of these applications are free as well so you will not have to pay in order to be able to print from your iPhone. Just make sure that you choose printing apps which have a high rating and everything will be fine.

2. Print your favorite items with little to no effort. Once you have successfully configured AirPrint for your printer then you are ready to go. Open your favorite email or photo applications and select the items you want to print. Usually, renowned iPhone apps are compatible with AirPrint and you will be able to send printing jobs to your printer in a matter of seconds. You can also print pretty much anything such as documents, various texts, articles, pictures and so on.

3. Anything can be printed from your iPhone. If you want to print something without using your favorite iPhone applications then all that you have to do is to open that item, tap "share" and then select your printer. This will automatically queue your printing jobs to the printer you want to use.

4. Specify how many copies you want. Before you start printing your preferred items, you must specify how many copies you want to get, how many pages you need and several other similar settings. Take your time and select the right options if you don’t want to waste paper. When you have finished, all that you have to do is to hit the "print" button and your printing jobs will be done quickly.

Whether you have a business or not, having an advanced printer can really make your life easier because you can print pretty much everything you want and need, from pictures with your loved ones to shopping lists and so on. Let us help you choose a great printer by contacting our company today. We also have AirPrint compatible printers as well and they come at affordable prices.