Sunday, 15 December 2019

Replacing An Ink-Cartridge 101

Sadly, ink does not last forever. Eventually, your documents are going to be coming out half-printed. Don’t fret, changing the ink-cartridges isn’t that difficult and not that different between printer makes. Here are some tips and tricks for getting it done:

Figure out what ink you need

As previously mentioned, all printers are different, so before you purchase more ink, be sure you have the make and model written down. Find the manufacturer and the model number, and you’re good to go!

The manual

A lot of people toss their printer manual out when they buy their printer, or lose it in the mess of a drawer. But, they can actually come in handy sometimes. You can probably find a detailed step-by-step on how to replace the ink cartridge in the manual.

If you don’t have the manual

It never hurts to google it. You can actually find an online version of the manual in the form of a video or article on your manufactures website.

If you don’t have the manual

If you seriously can’t find anything, here is a general guideline for how to change it:

1. Turn your printer on. Most inkjet printers need power when you are replacing the ink.

2. Find the access panel, which is usually on the top or on the front of the printer. The cartridge carrier will move into place, so you can remove the cartridges.

3. After you take the old ones out, remove the plastic or tape off your new cartridges and insert them. When doing this, place them in oriented how the old ones were.

4. Close the access panel and try printing.

If this doesn’t work for your printer, it never hurts to call, or email, your manufacturer. They will know how to help you! Printerworks West can help your Edmonton-based business determine the best printer for your printing needs. We can establish and maintain your printer fleet and also provide troubleshooting support.

Partnering with an established MPS provider, such as Printerworks West, can help your business increase its productivity while decreasing the overall ongoing costs of business operations.

If you would like to learn more about Managed Print Services in the Edmonton area, please feel free to contact us.