Tuesday, 01 October 2019

Simple Steps for Polite Printing

Printing in an office setting is about being mindful that you’re not making it harder for everyone else. It’s important to make office printing a smooth process, especially when things get hectic. It’s very simple to do these things in order to be considerate of the other people.

Refill the paper

This is as simple as it comes. Simply refilling the printer when it runs out of paper is an easy way to help out those who are coming to print after you. Sometimes printers are a bit confusing and you may not be completely sure where everything goes, so if that's the case just go find somebody who does know. It’s much nicer than leaving it for the next person to figure out.

Don’t hog the printer

There are times when you may have to print, or copy, tons of documents. If this is the case, make sure nobody else is waiting in line before you do so. If there is, let them go first, especially if they are only printing a page or two. It’s courteous and allows them to get back to work without wasting time waiting for you.

Paper jams

Paper jams are often inevitable. So when it happens to you, don’t just leave it for someone else to fix, even if that's the easier option. Do your best to retrieve the jammed paper so the next person coming to the printer doesn’t have to deal with it. If you’re unsure how to get it out, find someone who would know how to help you. It doesn’t hurt to ask. But, it does hurt to leave your problem for others to solve.

Don’t leave your prints and don’t take others

This seems like common sense, because it is. If you are printing something, don’t forget about it. Make sure you are not wasting company paper by leaving your document sitting in the printer. Other than wastefulness, someone else can grab it thinking it is theirs. It can get confusing. Some documents are time sensitive and it is best not to make things more time consuming than they need to be.

If you are going to pick up your copies from the printer, double check what you are taking with you to ensure you aren’t grabbing somebody else's copy. And also, please don’t remove anyone’s copies and place them somewhere else because that will confuse things even more.

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