Sunday, 18 May 2014

Simple Steps On How To Print High Quality Photos

For a long time since the camera had been invented, people have been going to photo developing and printing stores to get their photos developed. However, that is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. With the rapid advancement of technology, we are now able to print quality photos from the comfort of even our own homes!

However, it is not that simple – with hundreds of models of printers to choose from on the market – each are capable of different functions, and we need to ensure we get some basic knowledge on the types of printers that's suitable to print out the top quality photo printing we want. Even after acquiring a printer, we must also learn how to input the correct settings so that we can get the best results. Read on for the following 3 steps, that will help you print high quality photos every single time.

Get the right type of printer

First and foremost, you need to ensure you get the correct type of printer for photo printing, as not all of them have that function, and each printer also differs in the quality of their output. To be safe, ensure that the printer model is able to administer a 48-bit support and a 2400 DPI optical scan for best results. You can circle down several models from the catalogue and compare their dpi amount to decide how good you want your printer to be. If not, you can also choose to purchase a photo printer, which are specifically made to print photos, and does it better than conventional printers.

Using high resolution images

The quality of your image is only as good as the resolution of your file. So, when you take your photos, ensure that your camera has been set to the highest settings possible to obtain the clearest images. Once you have your file in your computer and it's ready to print, check that your image files have not been compressed or converted into a poorer quality file. As a benchmark your pictures should have a width of at least 4016 pixels and a height of 6016 pixels. To check, right click on your file and select properties, it's usually stated/located at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Follow recommendations and instructions given by the printer manufacturer

Every printer will have a designated type of paper which ensures it brings out its best performance. Using a non-recommended type could hurt the quality of the final product. That is the same case for printing photos. Try to use the recommended photo grade paper for your printing needs. Apart from that, you should also follow the inkjet printer recommended settings as directed by the printer manufacturer.

The directions you seek can usually be found on the instruction manual itself. They include adjusting the print speed - depending on how quickly you want your tasks to be completed, and adjusting the resolution level - which can usually be done on the device’s control panel. You should set them both to the highest if you wish for your printer to be able to perform at its best.