Monday, 15 January 2018

Tell Tale Signs it’s Time for a New Printer

Your office printer is probably the last thing you think about, unless of course you need a document printed asap and the device crashes on you, jams or is out of service. Then it’s the only thing you’re thinking about and well, maybe its high time to replace the device.

Deciding whether to get the printer repaired or purchase a newer model is what we’re going to be discussing. Below, you’ll find tell tale signs that rather than paying a little at a time to maintain a machine, you’ll be better off upgrading to a newer device:

Shoddy Print Quality

With inkjet devices when blotches of ink appear on your printed documents or print quality is drastically reduced, it’s time to replace the device. When ink blotches appear on your prints it can be a sign that the rollers are breaking and given that an inkjet can be replaced at a reasonable cost, a new printer may save you more money than dishing out for ongoing repairs.

Your Office Has Outgrown Your Printer

Maybe your printer has served you well in years past but as your business succeeds and more people are added to the team, what you require of your machine is greater output and quicker speeds. If your device no longer provides the page yield you need or does not hold the paper capacity you require, consider upgrading the device. A slower machine isn’t just an annoyance, it decreases productivity and also stifles workflows especially when people are lined up waiting to pick up prints.

Your Printer Technology is Obsolete

The pace at which technology is progressing is mind-boggling really. Just as computers, tablets and smartphones are rendered obsolete in 5 years, heck 2 years for smartphones these days, your printer technology may be old if its lasted five years. Newer models just outperform older models and with older printers, the cost of replacement parts can be heftier than just buying a new machine. This is because older printers are harder to repair due to parts becoming increasingly rare with time. For some machines, older ink and toner cartridge models may be obsolete, rendering your machine useless if you can’t give it the juice it needs. If this is the case, clearly it’s time to get a new device.

Your Printer is Not Mobile Ready

Technology is meant to aid and increase workflows and printer technology has kept up by incorporating features into devices to create more efficiency including the ability to print on the go. If your printer is not mobile ready, it may be time to replace the device. The latest printer models make printing from any mobile device to a printer seamless, which means you can go about your business without skipping a beat and get more done in a workday.

Your Printer is Failing

Clearly the most obvious indication that it’s time to replace your printer is when you notice signs of failure or impending device death. This manifests in constant grinding or clicking sounds when printing and this can be evidence that there is a gear loose or roller loose in your printer. You can attempt troubleshooting the device by calling your printer manufacturer’s customer service line but if there isn’t an easy fix, its time to get a new device. Likewise, if your printer malfunctions more than it works such that its printing unsightly, unclear prints, you should scrap the device and upgrade to a new machine.

While it may be tempting to hold onto an older printer, upgrading to a new printer model can save you time, money and definitely stress. With a new printer you’ll can be guaranteed better print quality, quicker print speeds and zero repair costs.