Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Benefits of Inventory Management

Instead of making ad hoc trips to Staples, Walmart or some other big box store when your office has run out of paper or printer ink, why not just get someone to take care of it for you? That’s the benefit of outsourcing your printer supply inventory management.

Not only is your office fully stocked regularly so that your workflow doesn’t get stunted by a lack of what you need, but it can also produce significant cost savings for your office.

Your team can focus on what they do best rather than making a run to the store midway through a job. No one has to begrudgingly wait for an ink cartridge to be delivered because it was ordered, after the fact.

So what is Printer Supplies Inventory Management?

Here at PrinterWorks West any company with 10 or more printers can benefit from our inventory management services. Our inventory management specialists will come out to your office on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to take stock of your printer supply inventory and ensure it is maintained on an on-going basis. They will organize your office’s printer supplies in a designated area and ensure that there isn’t an oversupply of goods either.

Additional benefits to you:

• One monthly bill

• No more panic orders for critical printers or printer supplies

• No more printer down time due to lack of printer ink or toner

• Regular contact with a service technician

• Free delivery

• Free pick up and recycling of used toner and ink cartridges

• Worry free printing environment

• Fast and professional service

How exactly do printer supply inventory management services work?

• Our inventory management specialists will determine the supplies utilized by your company

• Pricing is then determined

• Minimum stock levels are established

• Authorized personal will sign off on inventory that is determined sufficient to maintain the office

• Inventory will be assessed twice in the first month, mid and end of month to ensure supply levels have been set correctly

• Authorized personal approves and signs off on inventory sheet

• Stock is delivered and put away

• If required, adjustments to minimum levels of supplies are made in the second month

It’s that simple. Printer inventory management takes the stress out of maintaining the office and lets you and your employees get to work on what matters. If you’re interested in setting up a streamlined system for your office today or have additional questions about printer supply inventory management, give us a call. We’re always here to help.